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Here's a list of what I believe are my best videos - most of them shot with a GoPro camera, a Sony and my DIY steadicam. I edited them all with Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus. Of course, I may be kissing my own ass but, seriously, have a look and let me know what you think.

Another cliff jumping clip - our favorite summer activity as climbers. Rendered in slow motion from 120 fps to 12.5 fps. Underwater shots with GoPro HD 2.

My DIY Video Gear - Steadicam - Slider - Cablecam
My DIY Video Gear
Please note that my specialty is short presentation videos for the web. No animations and no fancy effects. I just like to shoot as creatively as possible and then do some basic editing: simple cuts on music beats and no transitions (other than fades).

The software I use to edit is Magix Movie Edit Pro . Is it the best? Not necessarily - actually, it's ranked No. 4. But I like it a lot coz it's easy to use and works with most video formats (MP4, MTS - AVCHD, MKV, MOV, etc.) without having to convert them before editing - that's enough for me.

Scroll down for more embedded clips.

Shot with a DIY cablecam. Watch it in HD at 720p coz most of the sliding shots are grainy. That's because our cameras aren't good enough for this kind of filming (low light in the forest).

My Favorite Video Editor - I've been using it since 2010 and I love it!

Shot with a DIY steadicam and a GoPro. We were in Berlin - between working gigs in the solar industry (see videos below).

This is my favorite clip from my portfolio. I cropped each scene to an aspect ratio of 2:1 for a more cinematic look.

I applied color correction and used my diy dolly slider for those smooth moving shots. Shot with Sony HX9V and GoPro HD.

For rail fans. I also stopped a train while shooting this. You can read the full story on Highball Blog.

A promo video for Mammut - the Swiss outdoor gear brand. They sponsored me with a climbing rope, a bivouac tent and a sleeping bag. It was the least I could do for them, right?

A nice park in my home city - Brasov. Shot for a local beer brand (co-financed the landscaping works) and the local municipality.

Bike stunts in Skate Park Brasov - this is my first serious video edit where I realized I actually like to cut on music beats.

Shooting Video with DIY Steadicam - Constantin Gabor
In Skate Park Brasov
Shooting a Bike Stunts Video in Skate Park Brasov

I brought my passion for shooting videos at work. This is us installing a solar farm in Berlin - Germany. Shot with the compact Sony on my home made slider and DIY steadicam.

I like this one better though:

Video Shooting with a Slider on Solar Farm
DIY Camera Slider

Kinda too long but people seem to love it. A presentation of my home city - Brasov. This was an event where bloggers from other cities came to visit our city - we were their guides. Sponsored by a local beer brand, local restaurants and the local municipality (tourism office).

Too few views to be worth bagging about :-) (New)
IRATA Training courses - a local company in Brasov is preparing rope access workers for their international certificate which allows them to legally work anywhere in the world within this industry. I used to work in this industry and I resonate with these folks. It's a cool job to have (except the times when the weather is bad).

Too few views to be worth bagging about :-) (New)
A textile finishing company that works for big brands like Hugo Boss or Gas Jeans. A cool gig! The owner of the factory gave us jeans as well. :-)

That's about it. I'm gonna update this page as I'll publish new videos.

Some vids were shot for clients. If you wanna know more about how to get clients as a videographer click here to subscribe.

Resources you might find useful:
Lemme know what you think in the comments. Cheers!


  1. i like the solar video. great stuff! seems like you guys have fun at work.

    1. Cheers! Yeah working in the solar industry is fun - love doing those time lapse videos. :-)

  2. I like the videos-i am an armature and i really want to be smart in this

  3. My dads angry I downloaded it, how do I get it all off? Please someone help me!!!!

    1. What are you referring to?

      You can uninstall any software from Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs (on Windows computers)


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