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If you're a beginner to making clips, a GoPro enthusiast, a video blogger or an amateur filmmaker and want to make better videos, check out this list of tutorials on video editing. Before you buy your top original software, watch some tutorials so you know it's right for you.

Please note that even though these examples are for Magix Movie Edit Pro (my favorite video editor), you can use the same principles in most video editing programs. I just like Magix coz it lets me import most formats (MP4, MKV, MOV, MTS - AVCHD, M2TS, VOB, etc.), it's easy to use and delivers professional results.

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All this is based on my own editing experience so if you have any questions, drop a comment and I'll reply.

The basic workflow in Magix and the two most important key-shortcuts:

1. CTRL + Delete = deletes the scenes that you don't want and brings the clips together (deleting the gaps between the video segments - making jump cuts)
2. CTRL + Up/Down Arrow = zooms in/out on the timeline so you can do precision editing at a frame by frame level

That's about it for the moment.

Other tips for making cool videos
  • Keep your scenes short. Each scene should not be longer than a few seconds.
  • Make your video 5 minutes long or less. Actually the new 5 minutes is now 3. The shorter the video, the more views you'll get.
  • Don't use transitions. A basic fade and some dissolves here and there will do but stick to simple cuts for the most part.
  • If your computer is not that strong (maybe old), close all other applications when editing your videos and use a laptop cooler.
  • Shoot creatively with a camera stabilizer. Mount your camera on a bike. Use a slider and a fluid head tripod. If you shoot from interesting angles, your viewers will find your videos more enjoyable.
  • Do the elastic strap trick when moving the tripod head lever. Your shoots will look smoother as the jerks of your hand are absorbed by the gum-band.
Video Shooting on Tripod - Elastic Bad Trick

Check out how I stopped a train while shooting a video for the rail fans community.

What do you think?

I hope you see you don't need the best video editing software to produce great videos. Any in the top 10 will do fine as long as you dedicate yourself to it.

Let me know what other problems you are facing when editing videos and I may write a tutorial on it. Leave a comment and we'll chat.

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  1. Thanks, Constantin! These helped me a lot. Ashley

  2. Nice tutorials, they are really useful for newbie like me.

  3. Can you publish a link to download the software? I went to google to download it but it says, virus would also enter if you download. So, a safer link please?

    1. Hi! This should not be a problem. Once you get on their official site, you should be able to download the free trial (has some limitations though).


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