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Instead of wasting time (and nerves) with crappy freeware that doesn't work, imagine getting a top original program that doesn't crash, it's easy to use, doesn't cost much and delivers super crisp professionally looking videos:

Top 10 Programs (2021) - Best Video Editor Quick Review. Join The YouTube Club This Summer & Be Admired! 
CyberLink PowerDirector Ultra
GoPro Editing Software Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus
Corel Video Studio
Adobe Premiere Elements
Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite
Roxio Creator Editing SoftwareVideo Pad Video EditorAVS Video EditorPinnacle Studio 16 Video Editing ProgramSony Movie Studio Platinum
1. CyberLink PowerDirector  
(+ FREE Bonus)
Excellent Rating for This Software Excellent Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software
Instant Download | Chart based on ease of use, supported formats (MP4, MTS, MOV, MKV), effects & support.
Before you buy your top program and get popular, you want to see what it does so you know it's right for you. When you do what you love, you feel amazing and success comes easily! It's your time to be creative and make money on YouTube.

Become Famous on YouTubeConstantin Gabor Cliff Jumping
Me - Holding the Small Camera...
How this editing software made me microfamous on YouTube 
(is that even a word? microfamous?!)

I'm not a professional videographer. No. I’m just a dude with a small...

compact camera. What were you expecting!? You can call me a serious amateur. For real though, women always tell me that my camera is embarrassingly small...

Let me explain.

Back in 2010, I bought my GoPro HD camera (I told you my cam is small). I was excited to film but every time I got new footage, I had to deal with the hassle of using buggy free software or pirated programs taken from torrent sites. They would often crash so all my editing effort was in vain.

If some of the programs were decent though, they'd leave an ugly watermark on my video. Well, snap! So my videos became advertisements for some obscure program... I didn't like it at all.

I was really frustrated coz... I couldn't show off with my awesome footage.

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Testimonials Best Video Editing Software Testimonials Video Editing Software
And I really cared about my videos - I still do. I mean, my GoPro action sports videos are my way of bragging (I am really that cool and modest). I hated not having a good software to edit with (something that would import MP4, MTS or MOV files).

I tried a bunch of different programs and none seemed to do it for me, then I found a vlogger's review on Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus. It's not the best software - it’s actually ranked No. 2 (↓ see the top 10 video editors below ). So what I'm saying here is you don't need the best GoPro editing software - you just need one that's relatively easy to use and it works.

That fact alone (that it works) will make things very easy for you.

German beer

However, because it was the first software that really made sense to me, I bought it and never looked back. It's made by a German company and since I discovered German beer, I tend to fall in love with everything German, software included. :)

So, because the program was easy to use, I started to edit more videos, just for the kick of it. People liked them and I kept publishing. And soon enough, I got requests from clients who begged me shoot and edit videos for them.  

That was unexpected!

Now I easily edit all my videos by simply dragging my files into the timeline, regardless of the video format. I do:
  • split screen
  • picture in picture
  • slow motion
  • cloning effect (ghost effect)
  • reverse playback
  • time lapse (speedy playback)
  • video cropping
  • face blurring
  • multicam editing
  • I can overlay text or titles onto the video
Video Editing Print Screen
This Is What You Can Do
But I can do pro fancy stuff as well - like keyframing, alpha masks, chroma key (green screen) and secondary color correction.

How cool is that?

I love editing with an original program - because it works! The functionality is great, the online community is amazing and I'm at ease knowing the program works as it's supposed to work. I edit videos for clients, I sell footage, I get outdoor gear from sponsors to do video reviews and I make money on YouTube as a partner. Most importantly - this gives me amazing freedom and it allows me to make a living without having a real job.

It works for me!

I'm not splashing around but I'm financially independent. And I'm not using the best software. By the way, I can teach you my secretes (OMG, so cheesy) if you subscribe here.
Video Eduiting Course for PowerDirector
↑ Take The Video Editing Course and Learn How To Create Amazing Videos with PowerDirector - No. 1 Video Editing Program 
You must be serious about this...

So if this works for me - without any formal multimedia education - I think it'll work for you too. And if you absolutely think that only the best program is your key to edit videos well, then you're either crazy or you're just very serious about this shit - I respect that! (the part where you're serious)

Imagine the joy of being the producer of your own life. You decide what kind of videos you wanna make. And then the privilege of making videos and earning money - some people will admire you but some will envy you when you live your passion.

The secret is to start publishing your vids. Your creativity will rise exponentially once you start. Don't fuss over software though - pick one and roll with it. And if you don't like it, no worries, they all come with a 30 days money back guarantee - no questions asked. But I guess you probably knew this already so I won't even mention it... Oh, wait! I just did.

While you over-think it, others are building their channels to fame and glory. And it's getting harder each passing day - it's getting crowded out there.

But if you're using free software and you're complaining that it sucks, you should click away now. This is not for you. And if you don't like beer (and getting drunk once in a while like I do - hey... I'm human) and if you don't care about your videos as much as I do about mine then I really don't want to talk to you anymore!

Still here? Still reading? Good! Then, you're not one of those people. You must be one of the few select people who are smarter (well... I don't know for sure, I'm not a psychic) since you care to edit your videos with a top software.

How this will make you a better videographer and YouTuber

Think about this: do you know those people or friends who are always trying to demonstrate how much they care about you? A little too much maybe...? Like they're a bit desperate to keep your friendship.

Well, I want you to be honest with yourself and acknowledge that you don't like them very much in return. Even though they give you a lot: their time, their resources, their connections and... even their money.

Here's the point: since they give too much too easily, you don't value them.

The same goes with your editing software and your YouTube career. You may have the best software in the world - if it didn't cost you anything, if you didn't invest - it has no value to you. Thus you don't pay enough attention to it. Meaning you also don't pay much attention to your videos, to your publishing schedule, etc.

In other words, for something to be meaningful to you, you have to invest. Just like you invest in the friendships that are valuable for you, you also have to invest in your career as a YouTuber by getting the proper video gear and the proper software.

Let me give you another analogy: people born rich versus people who had to work for it.

The rich-born are rather lazy, apathetic and don't seem to care about results (because they have it all). Whereas the underdog who spent all his savings to get that gear (whatever that may be), then he spent hundreds of hours working, training, trying - he eventually gets to the top and the results have meaning to him.

I know it as a fact that I became a better videographer the minute I actually bought my original software. I took it more serious because I invested money which then led me to invest more effort. I simply started to produce better videos because I cared more.

Wanna have results? Invest and expose yourself so you can have that evolutionary pressure on you: buy the software, take that gig, take that course, make big promises and then deliver, etc. This is a guaranteed way of producing success!

So, what's the best program to edit videos?

Well, the best editing software is the one that you know how to use. It can be any software, really. One that needs no manual to learn, I may add.

You probably want an intuitive, powerful, easy to use program, that imports most video formats (AVCHD - MTS, MP4, MKV, MOV, 3GPP2, etc), doesn't crash and works well even on your old laptop. Something that delivers professional results without headaches and no wasted time. If you want all that and more, any in the top 10 might be a good fit for you.

Now, imagine being excited for your next video and getting the recognition you deserve after you publish it. You can feel really good when you get that.

The list below contains the best video editors for beginners, amateur videographers, YouTubers but it's not limited just to that. You can download almost any of the ten and push it to professional levels since most programs have the proper tools that enable you to edit great videos. If you put a little work into it you can definitely become a professional video editor.

So have a look at the side by side comparison chart and view the different ratings. The best video editing programs for amateurs and consumers (Windows PC chart - works with Windows 10 as well):

Best Video Editor - Top 10 Programs in 2021
OK, you'll get famous on YouTube but what if it gets to your head and you go all Hollywood? Will you still love me? 
CyberLink PowerDirector Ultra
Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus
Corel Video Studio
Adobe Premiere Elements
Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite
Roxio Creator Editing SoftwareVideo Pad Video EditorAVS Video EditorPinnacle Studio 16 Video Editing ProgramSony Movie Studio Platinum
1. CyberLink PowerDirector 
(+ Free Bonus)
Excellent Rating for This Software Excellent Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software
No Risk - 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
What most people buy:
10-Time PCMag Editors' Choice, & Best Products of 2021
"CyberLink continues to impress me in the way it brings pro-level video editing capabilities to the consumer. PowerDirector's new multicam capability and leading speed make it the clear winner of our Editors' Choice for Windows consumer video editing software."
PC Mag PowerDirector Testimonial
PC Magazine Testimonial
Videomaker PowerDirector Testimonial
Videomaker Testimonial
Picture in Picture
Slow Motion
See how easy it is to do picture in picture and slow motion with PowerDirector - also the first consumer software able to edit and import 4K footage (higher than full HD 1080/1980).
How To Do Picture in Picture in Power DirectorHow To Edit Slow Motion in Power Director
Check out the full PowerDirector review and learn how to use the Easy Editor within the program - it's a feature that automatically edits your videos on the length of your music track.

While most of these programs are for Windows PCs (including Windows 7 and Windows 8), Adobe Premiere Elements (No. 4) comes in two versions - for PC and Mac. Other popular programs specifically built for Macs are ScreenFlow (which also does screen recording) and Final Cut Pro (professional non linear editing software).

You're right. Money is tight right now. The thing is, free software usually sucks and it's gonna suck most when you need it most.

For me, buying my original software meant peace of mind. Now I can focus on my editing - creating art if I'm allowed to brag - without the buggy issues of free software or cracked copies. And I know that I can edit home movies, vacation family videos or even professional clips. All with ease, with a stable movie editing program.

Most software companies offer a 30 days money back guarantee - it's risk free. If you don't like the software, you'll get a prompt full refund, no questions asked.

In the end, you decide what's best for you.

Top software have huge communities - that's also something I enjoy a lot. Coz when I ask a question on their official forum, I always get at least one reply with the right solution. You'll also find tons of tutorials and inspiration - that will help you start editing immediately and make your videos stand out.

Here's the best part for you

You can turn professional and deliver professional results if you combine creative shooting and good storytelling. Consider this - if you're somewhat proficient with an editing program, you're already better than 99% of people who need to make a video. What you do is magic for them.

So it's not always about the software, it's about your work as well:
  • how you shoot
  • how you make the cuts
  • what music you add to you videos
  • etc.
Magix - The Best Video Editing Software
I prefer a light software that doesn't need too much hardware resources but manages to edit HD (3D as well). And Magix does that.

It's just easy to use and does the job. And I discovered I only use a handful of effects which are available in almost any software.

Do you need an expensive camera to shoot good videos?

Hell no.

There's an explosion of DSLR cameras that shoot amazing video but they're not cheap and once you buy one, you'll find yourself buying more lenses and more accessories than you initially anticipated. Now, that's not bad if you want do to this as a pro.

But point and shoot cameras are catching up with better sensors and more complex functions - some compete with DSLRs on image quality.

Magix Video Editing Software
Basically, I'm saying that if you want to learn video shooting and editing, you can start with affordable gear: a compact camera and a simple to use, yet powerful, video editing software - Movie Edit Pro Plus in my case.

What you can do with a compact video camera

If you shoot like you mean it - using a fluid head tripod, a slider and a stabilizer - you can get amazing results.

I've won some contests and I also sold HD footage that I took with my compact Sony HX9V and GoPro HD. Below is one of my videos, edited with Magix, entirely shot with compact cams.

To get the same results or even better, all you need to do is take your time.

Shoot the same scene a few times, try a different angle, move your camera, etc. Then, at the editing stage, do the same - find a good music track for your video, edit on music beats, cut short scenes, keep the video below 5 minutes, etc.

So you see, even without the best professional video editing software you can do a lot. I've been using a consumer program as my GoPro editing software and my skills improved dramatically. That's because every GoPro video editor has a lot of features that are cool yet they take some time to discover and master. But once you know the ins and outs of cutting videos you can totally rock it on YouTube. And that's a sweet position to be in.

It's no race so if you wanna have a good watchable video - you do wanna get lots of views on YouTube, don't you? - take your time and do work to be proud of.

Safe Shopping - Prompt Refunds
Safe Shopping - Prompt Refunds
Success and good things

Imagine the amazement on your friends' faces when they see your new videos. Think about how cool it would be to actually make money with your videos.

Yes - it's possible. The internet allows people like you and me to live our passion and earn a living as well. You don't wanna miss this opportunity. YOU are the star. Get on with it, pick any in the top 10 and start publishing your videos coz the world needs your awesomeness.

So I urge to buy your top software at no obligation today. Don't waste your time. Have fun with it. Claim your fame.

Best Video Editing Program for Windows (including the Windows 7,Windows 8 and Windows 10)
CyberLink PowerDirector Ultra
Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus
Corel Video Studio
Adobe Premiere Elements
Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite
Roxio Creator Editing SoftwareVideo Pad Video EditorAVS Video EditorPinnacle Studio 16 Video Editing ProgramSony Movie Studio Platinum
1. CyberLink PowerDirector 
(+ Free Bonus)
Excellent Rating for This Software Excellent Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software Good Rating for This Software
Instant Download | Pick One and Start Publishing | 30 Days Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked

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Other stuff you might wanna get

If you're serious about creating a career that involves video producing (either YouTube vlogging, creating gameplay videos, interviews, etc.) or you simply want to make awesome home movies for your own pleasure, check out this list of resources on video gear (cameras), game capture cards and software:
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  1. For making videos, the best ones are Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere (Adobe After Effects is just for effects that you can include in the past two). I use Sony Vegas and, I acquired it thanks to YouTube for free. I mean, if we won't work or gain money with it, why are we going to pay for it.
    My SV videos are uploaded in here: http://www.youtube.com/xSliinee

    1. Hey Esperanza!

      Yup both Sony Vegas and Premiere are good programs to edit videos but they need more hardware resources to run properly on a computer (RAM, graphics card with lots of memory and a powerful processor).

      I installed them all and they were running slow on my laptop (a Dell from 2008).

      With Magix, it was a relief. It worked well from the first time. It manages HD files, exports in HD with no problem. And it's very easy to use - I love that.

      How did you manege to get Vegas for free with the help of YouTube? I'm curious - maybe we can do the same. :-)


    2. Your edits are quite complex, Esperanza - animation and all. Congrats!

  2. tried magix and works better than movie maker for slow motion. love your tutorials, man! thanks.

    1. Hey, Mark! Thank you.

      Yes, it takes seconds to do a slow motion videos in Magix. I love that feature too - especially coz I like to shoot action sports videos and slow motion is "a must" in those kind of vids. :-)


  3. where do i click to download it? i really want to try it...

    1. Hey Jacky!

      Each software company has a "Free Trial" button somewhere on their page. Look for that.

      Here's the download link for Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus (my favorite program).

    2. Hey Constantin I just bought a sony hadycam hdr pj790v would this be a good cam to shoot videos

    3. Români peste tot)
      Merci de sugestia cu MAGIX-ul Constantine. ;)

  4. avid for life !

  5. Good review!
    I started with AVS Video Editor. It is ideal for newbies and beginners. Now I use Sony Vegas :)

    1. I tried Sony Vegas but it was too much for my laptop. It's a pro software so you're good with that.

  6. what program works with mp4 and mkv files? do you loose resolution when you edit? jim

    1. Hey, Jim!

      PowerDirector and Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus work both with MP4 and MKV. I've tried them both.

      You only loose resolution if you mismatch the export settings. Otherwise you don't. Basically you must set the resolution and bit-rate as the original footage. This way you won't loose quality.

  7. I tried Pinnacle before, it's a nice video editing software, but I only need some basic video editing for my abilities, so I now use Smartpixel video editing software, it is much more easy to use.

    1. Is SmartPixel developed by you, Alex? Looks like a nice screen capture software.

      Thanks for the notice!

  8. As someone who is pretty set on Avid or bust I am DAMN IMPRESSED with Magix. I think it is far and away superior to the other options. I even prefer it to Avid MC for lighter projects. Lightworks (open and free as of now) is also a great editing program.

    1. I'm glad you like Magix, man! I find it awesome as well but then again, I'm an amateur so it basically fills my needs. I'm sure it has its limitations but so far I'm happy using it for the kind of editing that I do.

  9. Hey Constantin, I am an amateur who does strictly vacation videos - in the past I was using a Sony TRV22 DV Camcorder with Pinnacle Quick Start Studio. Now I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS19 AVCHD Progressive camera and I'm finding it impossible to edit MTS on my HP2000 (its only running 1.3 Ghz to my horror.) The panasonic came with Loiloscope 2 trial which requires 2 Ghz but I'm not wild about the interface, and I can't edit the videos anyway. Hubby has an older HP laptop running 2.2 Ghz which I've already told him that I'm comandeering for video editing. You said that Magix worked OK on your older Dell - what is the minimum Ghz requirement? Did it change in the 2013 version? Am I doomed to purchase a faster computer or a large external hard drive to transfer everything to AVI? Help!

    1. Hi!

      No, you're not "doomed" to get another computer. :-)

      My Dell has 2GB RAM and runs a Core2Duo procesor at 2 GHz so I guess the hubby's computer will do. MTS files have a high bitrate so that will a stretch on the hardware but use a laptop cooler and you should be fine.

      To be clear, my laptop is from 2008, I always use a laptop cooler with two fans and I'm using the latest version of Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus (2014) and it runs well. I also have the Pro X6 Version form Magix and that works as well.

      Hit me up if you get Magix and I can help with tips coz that's what I use. Or check out the tab above which says "Start Here: Video Editing Tutorials".

  10. What would be the best editing software for YouTube? Like for gaming videos I'm thinking CyberLink Power Director 13 but I don't want to buy it then regret my choice.


    1. Almost any in the top 10 will do for gaming because the value of your gaming video will probably lie in the way you play and your voice commentary. The PiP overlays and some text can be added with basically any video editor. So my advice is to concentrate on the gameplay and commentary and less on the software.

      For instance, I simply shoot footage (GoPro videos, action sports) and then I edit. And then people ask me what software I use... And I just shake my head. :) It's not about the software, it's what you do with it. I just use simple cuts, some fades and text. Any software can do that.

      Does that make sense?


  11. I love cyberlink power director video editing software, this is very user friendly and customizable, we can modify this interface according to your choice. which you want.. this software also providing various pro effect like animation effect and photo editing effect, text effect, all these are very helpful into making pro level videos..


  12. wolff.motorsports32@gmail.comMay 11, 2015 at 5:09 PM

    Hi I am looking for the best software for editing racing footage from my gopro hero 3 black and gopro hero 2 that are mounted in the car. The only thing that I have used in the past is windows live movie maker and it takes FOREVER to make a video. I post the videos to youtube or on our Facebook page.

    Thanks for any input.

    1. Hi Wolf! I've been using Magix Edit Pro Plus for my GoPro videos since 2010 and I love it. It's easy to use and it also works with a lot of other formats like (MTS - AVCHD, MOV, MKV, etc.). Have a look at my video editing tutorials - you can learn to do slow motion, picture in picture, text overlays, etc.

  13. Nice Information , I have to say that for the last few of hours i have been hooked by the impressive articles on this website. Keep up the wonderful work.

    1. Thanks Jesse! Well, I;ve been editing videos since 2010 and I can say that I'm a proficient amateur (prosumer). It's also a pleasure for me to teach so I enjoy creating these tutorials. Let me know if you have any questions.



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