How to Recover Corrupted MP4 Files for FREE

Recovered File

This guide will be helpful if you have a corrupted MP4 file and cannot play it in any media player. I'm going to walk you through the video file recovery process step by step with a small but incredibly effective MP4 repair tool.


The best part is that it's completely free and if you follow the instructions correctly, you can fix corrupted MP4 files in just a few minutes!


As someone who loves shooting sports videos, I can't help but notice how much the quality of shooting action cameras has improved over the past few years.

Liquivid - A Light Video Editing App for PC and Mac (Great for GoPro Videos)

LiquiVid - video Editing App for GoPro
Of course you get excited when you get a new smartphone or a GoPro camera. Of course you immediately start to shoot lots videos. Of course you're anxious to publish them all. But wait!

You might wanna edit them a little before hitting the publish button. So what do you do?

Well, you start researching video editing software. And you'll find a ton. Actually you'll most likely get confused. Which one to choose?

3 Facebook Video Tips

Facebook Video Tips
Gary Vaynerchuk says you gotta adapt your content to the platform you're posting it on. And we have to believe this dude. Well, not really because we can think for ourselves, right?

Now, with Facebook, as opposed to YouTube or other platforms, you want to adjust your videos in order to get as many views and shares as possible. Coz that's the game really.

If you post shit on the web and you believe you have value to offer then you really want as many people as possible watching it. BUT, you also don't want to spam or trick people into watching your videos.

Video Editor WANTED: I want to hire you as a videographer and editor

video editor wanted
This is a legitimate email that I received and I'm posting it here in full because some of you might qualify for this. Read below for details.

… or maybe someone you know?

You may not be a close follower of me as The Shrink for Entrepreneurs or the work I do at Commit Action.

Or you might be one of my biggest fans. Either way, I beg you to give this email ten seconds of your attention:

I need your help, and I'm willing to pay for it.

How To Make Money with Your Holiday Videos

What if you could make money with your holiday videos?

I'll tell you how you can do that but before let me tell you a personal story.

I like to shoot and edit action sports videos. Not only that but I like to publish everything I work on. Be it bad or good, I just put it out there for people to watch and critique.

The Essential "SECRET" To Getting More Clients with Videos

Crocheted Sandals on Cork Sole
... And How To Take Professional Product Photos

What if I told you a little sneaky tactic that can get you more clients to your business?

We're talking about a simple yet very powerful way of spreading your message.

Are you ready?

Snagit Screen Capture Software Review

Snagit Screen Recording Program Logo
First of all let it be said there is a lot of screen capture software out there. Some are terrific and save you time. Others, not really. Filtering all the incoming information is paramount to finding the right solution!

As a Full time parent, class teacher and part time Trainer, saving or losing time could be a ‘make or break deal’ when it comes to selecting the tools I use.

That being said I am very positive about Snagit and the possibilities of its use within my own personal projects, training projects AND as a tool enabling me to more effectively ‘Flip’ my class. As the owner and editor of a blog and YouTube channel sharing resources with teachers I’m always looking for the next ‘big thing’ that will transform the way I deliver content. Techsmith has already impressed me with their Camtasia Editor and I’m now ready to try the full licensed version of Snagit. Another program part of their brilliant suite of products.

How To Use Light To Make Your Videos Look Great (Instructional Video by Eben Pagan)

Softbox and Light for Photo and VideoReflector for Photo and VideoCanon Zoom Lens
Softbox and LightSet of ReflectorsCanon Zoom Lens

What you should remember from Eben is: be cheap.

The man is one of the top online marketers in world who uses videos to sell his programs and seminars. And yet he simply uses natural light, a reflector and a zoom lens to create good looking videos.

CyberLink Launches ActionDirector - Specifically Built To Edit Action Cam Footage [Infographic]

Action Director
Did you know that only 9% of adults who shoot action sports footage actually edit their videos?

The reason?

Well, the task of editing is daunting and some just prefer to store the videos raw. Out of those who edit though, only 40% do it to share it. (And I always thought that bragging is common among my fellow humans.)

6 Steps To Create Memorable GoPro Videos

In this article I’m gonna share with you my top tips on how to edit GoPro videos but before I do that let me tell you about John Grisham

If you don’t know who John Grisham is, no worries. You don’t have to. But I’m gonna tell you about him anyway.

You most likely have seen some movies made after his books: “The Firm” with Tom Cruise, “The Pelican Brief” with Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts, “Runaway Jury” with Dustin Hoffman, etc.

How To Edit Videos with Power Director [Recorded Video Webinar]

CyberLink PowerDirector 14
Learn how to easily use the best consumer video editing software for pro results and ultra sleek looking videos.

What's covered:
  • Keyframing for Piicture in Picture & effects in video editing
  • Remove background of video/photo using Mask/Chroma Key
  • Color grading techniques: color adjustment/mask/motion tracking/split tone/tilt
  • (Using PowerDirector, PhotoDirectorColorDirector)

How To Adjust Audio Levels with Keyframes in Magix Movide Edit Pro Plus and Magix ProX

Audio Keyframing in Magix Video Edit Pro Plus
Oh, the beauty of keyframing.

Works for everything. Including for manipulating the audio levels of your videos.

In Magix Edit Pro Plus, you go to Effects/Audio Effects/General. Then you drag the volume handle and click the keyframe symbol (diamond). Now you have a keyframe.

Motion Tracking Tutorial in Magix Edit Pro & Magix Video Pro X7

Motion Tracking in Video Editing with Magix
Hot stuff?


So if you're new to video editing, you probably think motion tracking sounds too complicated for you. Allow me to disagree, my friend.

This stuff is easy with Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus or Magix Video ProX.

Okay. Let's define this baby. What is it?

How To Manipulate Video Transparency (Opacity) with Keyframes in Magix Video ProX & Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus


One of my subscribers on YouTube requested this tutorial so here it is.

Please note that even though I made this video with Magix Video Pro X7 (the professional version) you can just as easily do it with Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus (the consumer version).

I've been using both programs since 2010 and I love them! They're stable (don't crash), they're easy to use and work with most formats without needing to convert files beforehand (the software imports MP4, MKV, MTS - ACHD, MOV, etc.).