Best Professional Video Editing Software in 2015

Adobe Premiere
Final Cut Pro X
Sony Vegas Pro
Magix Video Pro X5
1. Adobe Premiere Pro (PC & Mac)2. Final Cut Pro (for Mac)3. Sony Vegas Pro4. Magix Video ProX

My friend keeps bugging me to switch to Adobe Premiere. And I say to him: "Man, it's too complicated for me and it doesn't run well on my 2008 laptop. Wtf?!" and he goes: "Dude, you're getting old so I'm just gonna leave you behind."

And he's right. I am getting old (29) and for some reason I'm not into sophisticated stuff. That's why I use a consumer editing software for all my videos.

But anyway, the software is not important. The story is. My advice is to capture good footage and tell a story. That will make a difference.

So, if you're already good with any software that's in this chart, you're better off directing or shooting new projects instead of switching the workflow to the No. 1 program (which everyone seems to be obsessed about).

Top Professional Video Editing Programs
Wanna be a pro? Well, knock yourself out - it's not like I'm holding you down or anything. Go ahead!
Adobe Premiere
Final Cut Pro X
Sony Vegas Pro
Magix Video Pro X5
1. Adobe Premiere Pro (PC & Mac)2. Final Cut Pro (for Mac)3. Sony Vegas Pro4. Magix Video ProX

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If you're shooting with a DSLR camera or even with an RED Epic camera, you'll probably wanna edit with Adobe Premiere & After Effects because the community is huge. You'll find tons of tutorials and information on how to make awesome videos.

Also, they now offer Creative Cloud which gives you access to all their top software used by the best creative professionals all over the world (you get Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. for a monthly subscription fee). So you can create like a pro at a fraction of the cost with original software and full support.

The two programs (Premiere and After Effects) make a great team. You can do the cuts in Premiere and use After Effects for everything fancy:
  • animated titles
  • motion tracking
  • motion graphics, animation and effects
  • altering wide angle (fisheye) footage to look straight
  • etc.
Also, you'll be able to use lots of plugins that will enhance your clips. Twixtor for ultra slow motion and proDad Mercalli for image stabilization are just the tip of the iceberg.

The program is not cheap and may have steep learning curve but once you master it, you'll be right there with the professional videographers - doing magic. :-)

Speaking of price, the guys at Adobe are now offering their programs trough a cloud subscription plan. You don't have to buy the software outright - you can subscribe to the service (all Adobe programs included) only when you need it. If you shoot and edit videos for clients a few times a year, the subscription service makes more sense than dropping hundreds of dollars upfront.

Now, if you're looking for an affordable pro editing software with an intuitive and friendly interface, check out Magix Video Pro X. I'm a big fan of Magix software (German company) and I've been using for more than 3 years their Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus - ranked No. 4 in consumer video editing.

The chart above is made by based on editing tools, capture and playback, export & production, ease of use, help and support. Please note that ease of use is not the first factor.

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