Best Professional Video Editing Software in 2020 & How To Create Jaw Dropping Vids

Top Pro Video Editing Programs - Quick Review - Side by Side Comparison Chart
Adobe Premiere
Final Cut Pro X
Sony Vegas Pro
Magix Pro X
1. Adobe Premiere Pro (PC & Mac) 2. Final Cut Pro (for Mac)3. Sony Vegas Pro4. Magix ProX

Chart based on editing tools, effects, plugins, imported formats (MOV, MP4, MTS, etc.) capture and playback, export and production capabilities. Please note that ease of use is not taken into account. If you need a program that's easy to use, have a look at the top 10 best video editing programs for consumers and amateur filmmakers.

My friend keeps bugging me to switch to Adobe Premiere. And I say to him: "Man, it's too complicated for me and it doesn't run well on my 2008 laptop. Wtf?!" and he goes: "Dude, you're getting old so I'm just gonna leave you behind."

And he's right. I am getting old (29) and for some reason I'm not into sophisticated stuff. That's why I use a consumer editing software for all my videos.

Adobe Premiere Video Editing Online Course

But anyway, the software is not important. The story is. My advice is to capture good footage and tell a story. That will make a difference.

So, if you're already good with any software that's in this chart, you're better off directing or shooting new projects instead of switching the workflow to the No. 1 program (which everyone seems to be obsessed about).

Top Professional Video Editing Programs
Wanna be a pro? Well, knock yourself out - it's not like I'm holding you down or anything. Go ahead!
Adobe Premiere
Final Cut Pro X
Sony Vegas Pro
Magix Pro X
1. Adobe Premiere Pro (PC & Mac)2. Final Cut Pro (for Mac)3. Sony Vegas Pro4. Magix ProX

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If you're shooting with a DSLR camera or even with an RED Epic camera, you'll probably wanna edit with Adobe Premiere & After Effects because the community is huge. You'll find tons of tutorials and information on how to make awesome videos.

Also, they now offer Creative Cloud which gives you access to all their top software used by the best creative professionals all over the world (you get Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. for a monthly subscription fee). So you can create like a pro at a fraction of the cost with original software and full support.

The two programs (Premiere and After Effects) make a great team. You can do the cuts in Premiere and use After Effects for everything fancy:
  • animated titles
  • motion tracking
  • motion graphics, animation and effects
  • altering wide angle (fisheye) footage to look straight
  • etc.
Also, you'll be able to use lots of plugins that will enhance your clips. Twixtor for ultra slow motion and proDad Mercalli for image stabilization are just the tip of the iceberg.

The program is not cheap and may have steep learning curve but once you master it, you'll be right there with the professional videographers - doing magic. :-)

Speaking of price, the guys at Adobe are now offering their programs trough a cloud subscription plan. You don't have to buy the software outright - you can subscribe to the service (all Adobe programs included) only when you need it. If you shoot and edit videos for clients a few times a year, the subscription service makes more sense than dropping hundreds of dollars upfront.

Now, if you're looking for an affordable pro editing software with an intuitive and friendly interface, check out Magix Video Pro X. I'm a big fan of Magix software (German company) and I've been using for more than 3 years their Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus - ranked No. 2 in consumer video editing.

Best Professional Video Editing Software

When it comes to getting the best in editing software, there are many different choices that are now available. In fact, there is even free or very low priced software that is perfect for the amateur videographer to edit together their video footage. However, for the professional who creates a myriad of videos for companies that advertise, train their employees or promote themselves within the industry they will need the best professional video editing software on the market today.

What Are The Professional Video Editing Programs?

The main attribute of the top professional video editing software is that it is designed to edit and shape videos for broadcast purposes. There is a definite difference between professional and amateur editing systems that is readily noticeable by the viewer and apparent when used in broadcast productions.

However, even if the videos being produced are not going to be broadcast, they still have that professional edge to them that provides the status that only a top of the line production can bring. This is why it is very important for any professional in the video field to use only the best editing software that is available.

The good news is that professional software is affordable, fairly easy to learn and highly versatile to meet a variety of editing situations. In addition, these editing systems are often updated every so often so that you can gain access to new features to add to your final product. This type of professional software is fully supported and provides editors with a wide range of choices that open up the imagination.

The Top 4 Best Professional Video Editing Software Systems

There are a number of different Windows and Mac video editing software systems on the market today, but four have stood out over time for their wealth of features, ease of learning and great versatility while maintaining a very high standard when it comes to overall video production.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro: Adobe has been the leader in professional video editing systems for quite some time and their latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro is no exception. What makes this particular version work so well is that it retains its unique system of letting the editor customize their projects so that they have instant access to what they need for a particular program.

In addition, the new version allows for the inclusion of native camera files which means that proprietary formats are no longer recognized so you can work with different types of cameras and not run into a compatibility issue. This was arguably the one big problem that remained with a system designed to be very functional, easy to use and containing innumerable features to help you edit video professionally.

Over the years, Adobe has added to the popular features that remain with the overall system so that veteran editors can find familiarity while those new to Adobe can recognize the new systems that will immensely help the editing process. Basically, this system offers everything you need in a simple, intuitive format that is very innovative.

The one notable downside to the Adobe Premiere Pro system is that you must purchase a monthly or yearly subscription to their Creative Cloud (CC) which offers the latest version of their software. This means that you cannot purchase the program outright and if you cancel your subscription, then you lose the ability to use the software. This may be a problematic choice for some, so make sure you consider all the options before making your purchase.

2. Final Cut Pro: The dominant system when it comes to Mac video editing software, the Final Cut Pro has stood the test of time when it comes to its versatile features, reliable performance and overall high quality. The Final Cut Pro X is the latest version which has garnered considerable praise for its innovations combined with proven system that has professionals raving about what it has to offer.

This particular version is very pleasing to look at with all the tools and features easily found which works well for veterans of the systems as well as newcomers. In fact, al the importing and the capturing components have been placed into one panel for easy access. This means that whatever you need can be put into place quickly and easily. The media browser is easy to use and you can even create your favorite locations in the sidebar for quick access.

In addition, the new system offers GPU utilization and a 64-bit architecture which makes it faster than ever before. Add to this the new background rendering features which overcomes the one issue that many had with the Final Cut Pro system, the slow rendering of video, and you now have immediate playback on the timeline with no rendering needed. However, it must be noted that this particular version is only available on the latest OS X operating systems.

Interestingly enough, when the Pro X version was first released it did create some criticism because it left out some features that were old favorites. However, thanks to the new updates which restored some of those missing tools the Final Cut Pro X is now a favorite again.

3. Sony Vegas Pro: This venerable software design offers plenty of great features for your next projects. From simple color correction, masking, and chroma key to more advanced effects and stereoscopic editing features, the Sony Vegas Pro really stands out and is a favorite of many professionals in the business.

Its ability to edit with different formats, particularly the new RED camera and DSLR camera units means that it can take in footage from a wide variety of sources and still create and outstanding product. This is especially good for new editors who are just trying to get the hang of a top quality professional system. However, it should be noted that the interface may not be the best for this purpose.

Arguably the best feature is the ability to use the iPad app as well as the proxy first workflow programs that actually allow you to edit on this Mac video editing software from your tablet while away from the desk. This means that if you have an editing idea, you can implement it right away instead of having to get back to your computer.

However, if there is a downside to this software, it is that the workflows and the interface itself are not as advanced as they should be. It seems that there were plenty of efforts made in other aspects, but not in refining the interface in particular which puts it a little behind its competition. Still, the Vegas Video Pro is a superb design and simply one of the top professional video editing software systems on the market today.

4. Magix Video ProX: Having been around a while, the Magix Video ProX has been steadily gaining traction as one of the top professional video editing software system on the market today. While it is arguably not quite at the level of Adobe or Final Cut Pro in certain ways, it can be stated that for new or beginning professional video editors this system may be more intuitive to learn.

Possibly the best reason to use this system is that it has a wide format capability so that you can use many different types of video. So, if you have to edit from several different video files or formats, chances are the Magix Video ProX can do the work. Another advantage is that this system has a basic mode where you can edit professional level videos at a faster pace without having to access the advanced features. This makes is perfect for beginning editors and for projects that only need a limited number of editing choices.

Of particular note is the 64-bit architecture which helps expand the power and range of the software while eliminating the slowness of the rendering, exporting and playback. This means that the software is now faster to use than ever so that you can get what you need accomplished in a shorter period of time.

If there is a con to the current version of this editing system, it is that the interface and the overall flow of work that can be processed are behind the Adobe, Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas Pro. However, as this particular software system continues to improve, it will at some point leave behind the older, less useful interfaces and embrace new technology to make an improved, more intuitive platform.

Honorable mentions

These programs were and some still are highly regarded by professional video editors who work either in the media and TV business, in Hollywood or by those who do independent videography (wedings, events and such).

Avid Media Composer - expensive and used in Hollywood and media, specialists say it's not what it used to be. It also become less relevant since Adobe Premiere and After Effects rose in the independent film community.

Lightworks - an open source video editor that has a following among pros. They dubbed themselves as the professional video editor for everyone. And yes, Hollywood uses it as well.

HitFilm - a compositing and video editing application that can do pretty much what Premiere and After Effects do together. It's also a 3D modelling and visual effects (VFX) program.


In the end, choosing the best professional video editing software will come down to selecting a system that is right for your needs. The good news is that there are four powerful systems available, each one of them offering a wide variety of features, tools and high production standards that work perfectly for all professional video production businesses.

If you are looking for the top professional video editing software systems, then you can limit your search to the Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Magix Video ProX and Sony Vegas Pro as they offer virtually everything you need.

Top Professional Video Editing Programs
Make your videos stand out. Impress your clients and your viewers!
Adobe Premiere
Final Cut Pro X
Sony Vegas Pro
Magix Pro X
1. Adobe Premiere Pro (PC & Mac)2. Final Cut Pro (for Mac)3. Sony Vegas Pro4. Magix ProX

The chart above is made by based on editing tools, capture and playback, export & production, ease of use, help and support. Please note that ease of use is not the first factor.