How To Manipulate Video Transparency (Opacity) with Keyframes in Magix Video ProX & Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus


One of my subscribers on YouTube requested this tutorial so here it is.

Please note that even though I made this video with Magix Video Pro X7 (the professional version) you can just as easily do it with Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus (the consumer version).

I've been using both programs since 2010 and I love them! They're stable (don't crash), they're easy to use and work with most formats without needing to convert files beforehand (the software imports MP4, MKV, MTS - ACHD, MOV, etc.).

Just like with any other effect, you can manipulate the transparency / opacity of your video using keyframes. This means that you can gradually pass from one level of transparency to another.

Of course you can define keyframes by setting a keyframe for each level of your desired effect but with this particular example we're using curves. It's a visual representation of keyframes which makes it more fun (not to mention faster) to work with.

So, for transparency you go to Effects/Video Effects/Chroma Key and you adjust the Video Level. The value ranges from 100 to 0 which correspondingly means full opacity (full view) to completely transparent.

Now you know more! Let me know in the comments if you want me to create a certain screencast tutorial.

And, by the way, if you're wondering what I used for screen capture, it was Sangit.

Magix does screen capture as well but I can't run multiple instances of Magix while also editing with Magix. Or maybe I can but I just won't... It's a software paradox which I don't want to handle. :)


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