How To Store Your Family Videos for Free

My daughter: Ilinca :)
A lot of your videos are probably too personal to share online.

Maybe a new baby was born in your family, maybe you filmed your honeymoon and some of the shots are... well, too cheesy - whatever. You simply don't want to share these videos online.

But they keep piling onto your hard drive or on your smartphone or on your tablet or on your camera. And you just don't feel like paying for a cloud service (like Dropbox or Acronis) in order to store them.

So what do you do?

It's easy: use YouTube! :)

What!? YouTube?

Yup. Upload your vids either raw or edited and then set them as Unlisted. What this means is that the vids will sit on your account but they won't be publicly visible on YouTube.

If you want to show it to someone you can send them the link to the video or you can log in and show him/her the video (in case the subject of the vid is too sensitive to send links out). Please note that there are apps out there that can download almost any video that's hosted online so....

...When your video has too much emotional value that you don't want links to fly around with it, then you can set your video to Private. With this option, only people that you personally invite will see the video. You can grant access up to 100 people with their email address.

I'm a father

I'm telling you this because I'm the father of a new baby girl and I've already shot a lot of videos of her and her mom. Even her birth which is on YouTube of course and I gladly show it to my friends when they visit us. :)

Same with pictures. I add them all onto the timeline of my video editing software and I export them as a single video with each pic lasting 3 seconds. Then that video goes on YouTube as well, unlisted.

Since Google has introduced the 2 step verification login (with a code that gets sent to your phone as a text) this storage method is as secure as it can be. The benefits are great!

And since you're at it, you might as well edit some family videos that you do wanna share. Some editing tips might help. Make sure your browse through these tutorials before you begin.

So you see, you can store your videos for free on YouTube and you can watch them at your convenience online. Also if you want to show them to others simply sen them the links of your Unlisted videos. It's that simple!

Birth of my daughter on YouTube
You'll probably enjoy the most when you'll watch your videos after a few years, when your baby is grown. That will be fun! I can't wait for my daughter to ask me about her being little so I can show her the pics and videos.

Hope this helps. Cheers!

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