Motion Tracking Tutorial in Magix Edit Pro & Magix Video Pro X7

Motion Tracking in Video Editing with Magix
Hot stuff?


So if you're new to video editing, you probably think motion tracking sounds too complicated for you. Allow me to disagree, my friend.

This stuff is easy with Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus or Magix Video ProX.

Okay. Let's define this baby. What is it?

Motion tracking means you can have one or more elements that are overlayed onto your video follow a certain subject within the video. The classic example that comes to mind is when you have a few people moving in the frame and above each head you add his/her name, hovering, invisibly tied to the head.

Now, you can get the same effect in two ways:
  1. Manually, animating the object with keyframes
  2. Automatically using the motion tracking technique
The manual option comes in handy when your subject is not clearly distinguished from the background whereas you use motion tracking when you have good contrast between your subject and the background.

In Magix, you overlay your object onto the main video track and then right click the object. From the list that appears select Attach to picture position in the video.

Then you select with the cursor the area which you want to be followed by your soon to be animated object. After that the software will compile the trajectory of the object and you'll be able to see where your object will go.

BAM! It's that easy.

Rinse and repeat for every object. It can be a title, an image or an alpha mask that you use to blur a face or whatever.

Get your copy of Magix and start editing.

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