Liquivid - A Light Video Editing App for PC and Mac (Great for GoPro Videos)

LiquiVid - video Editing App for GoPro
Of course you get excited when you get a new smartphone or a GoPro camera. Of course you immediately start to shoot lots videos. Of course you're anxious to publish them all. But wait!

You might wanna edit them a little before hitting the publish button. So what do you do?

Well, you start researching video editing software. And you'll find a ton. Actually you'll most likely get confused. Which one to choose?

Okay, you find one that you like but then there's that $100 price that you don't wanna pay because you feel it's too much for the small tweaks you wanna make to your videos. And then you either pirate it or you get some freeware. They're both crappy and you get frustrated.

Hold on! The thing is, what you need is much less and, accordingly, you should also pay less. That's where LiquiVid comes in. It's a light desktop app for video editing and color correction.

What i'm saying is that sophisticated pro features in most consumer video editing programs are an overkill. I'm a semi-professional and I rarely use anything else outside the basics.

However, I've come to realize that using a paid software is much more reassuring for the simple fact that the software works. There is a solid incentive for the creators of the program to make it at least reliable if not fantastic. They are responsible for your experience. Because you pay, they deliver.

Does that make sense?

If it doesn't, it means you've probably haven't edited enough to need a good software. :)

That being said, here's what you can do with LiquiVid - targeted mostly at action cam owners and drone filmmakers who wanna spend as little time as possible editing (quite understandable when you love outdoors):

Stabilization - a steadicam will add to your spending. So if your handheld footage is too shaky, you can fix in in post production with LiquiVid.

Remove the fish-eye effect - the wide angle of a GoPro comes at a price: the footage is distorted, lines are curved. LiquiVid allows you to straighten the lens distortion.

Built-in profiles currently include: GoPro Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4 & Hero4 Session, Hero5 Black & Hero5 Session, Sony HDR-AS100V, HDR-AS50, HDR-CX220, FDR-X1000V, Drift HD Ghost, SJCAM SJ4000 & SJ 5000, DJI Phantom 3 & Zenmuse X3, Garmin VIRB, Parrot Bebop 2, Rollei 6S, Rollei 410, Zoom Q8, GitUp Git2, Mobius ActionCam (lenses A, C2).

Denoise - videos shot in low light will most likely be grainy and noisy thus you'll want to improve the image with this feature.

Slow motion or timelapse - you can do this in LiquiVid by adjusting the frame rate of the video.

Batch processing - if you wanna make adjustments to more than one video, this helps you achieve that without manually doing it for every video.

Also here's a screencast on the basics of the program:

This list of features is by no means exhaustive. You can also do regular cutting like with any video editor.


The selling points are: quick, easy, affordable.

Which helps a lot and I can testify that quick and easy are always my main criteria for choosing software to work with. The reason for which I can bypass the price is because I've gotten free original copies of almost any video editing software (being a videographer and running this site helps...).

I also wanna congratulate the creator of LiquiVid - Razvan Chisu - view his stock footage here - for creating this baby. I'm all for creating something out of nothing and Razvan did that in a glorious fashion.

The app is available on (free trial) as well as Steam and the Mac App Store and runs on Windows and OSX.

The free trial is full-featured and has no limitations so grab it now and let us know how you like it.

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