The Essential "SECRET" To Getting More Clients with Videos

Crocheted Sandals on Cork Sole
... And How To Take Professional Product Photos

What if I told you a little sneaky tactic that can get you more clients to your business?

We're talking about a simple yet very powerful way of spreading your message.

Are you ready?

Here it is: Give away your secrets!

Doesn't seem to be very specific, does it? Well, let me explain.

If you're selling something, online or offline, you wanna promote yourself, right? And the basic way you might be thinking about it is something similar to "Hey, I have this. Would you buy it?". Or, even more aggressive: "Hey, buy my stuff!"

But you see, that's not only lame and boring, it's also ineffective. Because it comes from a weak stance. You're pushing your message in hope that you can push your product and thus make more sales. It makes sense because that's what every business owner wants.

However people hate being sold to... But they LOVE buying stuff. All the time.

So how do you sell without being salesy?

Simple: TEACH. Because teaching sells.

Since we've reached the secret, allow me to teach you how to take professional photos for your products. It will come in handy if you run an eCommerce business with physical products.

The most important item you need for this is a photo tent which costs about $30 on Amazon. I assume you already have a smartphone with a camera.

To continue the lesson, let me tell you the story behind this video.

I basically shot and edited this clip in order to gain good will with our customers. Since our clients are women who crochet, they may not know hot to take awesome looking photos for their handmade creations.

Now, we sell yarn and soles for crochets shoes. But, if you want to be successful you have to ask yourself "How can I give more value?". Tony Robbins in his new book - Money - Master The Game says "If you want more money you have to give more and be more".

So we create this video to teach our clients something useful that can be added to their craft. It doesn't sell yet it creates good will towards our business which beautifully translates into sales over time.

Coz think about it. The client has many options. But there's a higher chance she'll buy from us because not only do we have the things she needs but we also helped her with valuable information.

It's pretty basic but it works very well.

Offer more value to your customers. Teach them stuff.

And if your teachings can be delivered through videos, then even better. Because video being such a rich media format, the perceived value will be higher. Thus your brand will grow stronger.

Now, you might think that by disclosing too much about what you know will make you loose your competitive edge. Not really. What it does is it sets you up as an expert who's willing to help. And people wanna do business with people who're willing to help.

So grab a camera and some editing software and start publishing videos that help your clients achieve their goals. It's the best publicity you can get and it works like a magnet: your clients get attracted to you instead of you of chasing them.

Slick, eh?

I wish you success!

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  1. thank you so much for the article!!! i run an ebay shop with handcrafted jewelry and the video tutorial helps a lot. love from uk! XoXo


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