Video Editor WANTED: I want to hire you as a videographer and editor

video editor wanted
This is a legitimate email that I received and I'm posting it here in full because some of you might qualify for this. Read below for details.

… or maybe someone you know?

You may not be a close follower of me as The Shrink for Entrepreneurs or the work I do at Commit Action.

Or you might be one of my biggest fans. Either way, I beg you to give this email ten seconds of your attention:

I need your help, and I'm willing to pay for it.

Commit Action is growing like crazy and I'm hunting for a very special person to join our team.

You might have seen some of the video content the team and I have produced over the years. We're going to double and triple down on video, and we're looking for the person to help us do it.

Full time Videographer/Editor/Marketing apprentice WANTED

I need someone to jump aboard my team to OWN video. This role will be the start of a whole department at Commit Action, and we're throwing serious resources behind it.

I'm tapping my network to find the best possible person, and I knew I should ask YOU first and foremost.

Either you yourself are interested in this position, or perhaps you know someone who would be.

I'll pay a $1000 referral fee if you help me find the right person

We're looking for a young go-getter who is willing to throw themselves into this role… living and breathing Commit Action for the next few years (or more!)

This person will be working extremely closely with me personally, essentially becoming my apprentice and partner in our biggest marketing and growth initiatives. By joining our (incredibly fast) growing startup and holding this position, they will develop hugely valuable growth-hacking skills.

We're prioritizing the right passion and cultural fit, over experience as this is a role that will receive a ton of mentorship and development.

The person we'll hire will be:

  • A skillful video photographer, with experience using the latest and greatest digital gear to shoot high quality video content
  • An experienced and skillful editor, using Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro
  • Based in the New York City / Tri-state area (or willing to move)
  • Passionate about cutting edge marketing, social media and the internet
  • On board with our mission at Commit Action to rid the world of procrastination!
  • NOT an agency or service-business. We love entrepreneurship, but this role needs to be a full time employee in-house.
We're expect quite a few responses to this email, so I've set up a simple questionnaire on our site to filter responses.

We're asking a few psychological question to assess applicants for personality fit.. and we'll look at those first before reviewing resumes.

If you refer someone to this opportunity, there is a field in the questionnaire where they can credit you for the referral. We'll find you, and reward you

Go to the Videographer questionnaire HERE

Hope you get the gig! Cheers!

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