DIY Camera Slider Tutorial - Video

DIY Camera Slider for GoPro

Even though we may be amateurs, using a camera slider can definitely make our videos look better. Just as a camera stabilizer or a fluid head tripod, a slider gives a cinematic touch to your clip.

The effect is eye catching and we've been used to see this kind of footage in music videos, movies and documentaries.

If you take advantage of this simple camera-sliding trick, your video will look professional.

DIY Camera Dolly Slider
DIY Dolly
Shooting Video Between Rails on DIY Slider

So, with a few ball bearings, bolts and nuts, glue and some aluminum or laminate flooring plates, you can actually make your own DIY slider. If you're not that much into DIY, check out some cool sliders on Amazon.

I use my GoPro HD and my Sony HX9V on my mini-dolly. That's how I do the vertigo effect.

Click here for the full original tutorial - with detailed pictures on how to build your own dolly.

GoPro Dolly
GoPro Slider

Ball Bearing DIY Camera Slider
DIY Camera Slider with Ball Bearings
DIY Dolly Track

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