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Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus 2013

Update: This giveaway has reached its deadline and serial number goes to vj_onix. Thank you all for participating! Subscribe to be notified about future contests. Cheers!

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Wanna win a free copy of Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus 2014?

That's the software I use to edit all my web clips, by the way. I find it easy to use and powerful, but don't take my word for it. You can download the free trial and give it a spin.

Or you can win an original copy right here. The guys at Magix, who also do music software, are giving away one serial number for their latest version of Movie Edit Pro Plus.

How to enter the contest

It's easy. All you have to do is:

1. Share this article on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.

2. Leave a comment below article and tell us a few things:
  • What's your biggest frustration with video editing programs?
  • What do think about Magix after using the software?
That's why we encourage you to get the free trial (with full functionality and no watermark for 30 days).

You can only answer one question if your experience with editing movies is limited.

How are we gonna choose the winner


What this means is this: if you take the time to use the software and edit some videos; and then come back with some constructive criticism that we can use as feedback, you might win the serial number.

If, however all participants are somewhat equal in their feedback, we're gonna use to draw a winner.

When's the deadline

The deadline is 20 November 2012 and the contest is open to participants all over the world.

Make sure we can contact you

Leave a comment using a public profile so we can get back to you. Type your Twitter, YouTube, etc. username so we can get in touch if you win.

So go out, take your camera, edit a video and tell us what you think about Movie Edit Plus 2014.

Here are some tutorials:
Cheers and good luck!

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  1. Am cautat multa vreme un program de editare simplu, pentru amatori, care sa nu consume toate resursele sisemului si sa mearga repede. Cele profesionale sunt gurmande la resurse si pline de functii de care rar ai nevoie ca amator plus ca pretul nu se justifica. O vreme am lucrat cu Movie Maker iar in final am ramas la MoviePad. Am testat acum si Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus... pare fain si cu destule optiuni de editare si cu toate astea se misca bine. Pretul este insa pe masura.

  2. Frustration in video editing is normal for me because I'm a newbie. Layout of function and features is crucial because different programs have different GUI. Confusion in function is arise.

    I use some of Magix software and I must say that this is a superb programs. Easy to manage and use. I already use their photo editing and music editing programs.

    1. Yeah, I still encounter frustration sometimes but I guess this is normal when you try to do new things.

      I've been using Magix since 2010 after trying out a bunch of other programs and none of those really worked well with my GoPro HD MP4 files.

  3. I like Magix software generally, i have tried the free v.15 some time ago, but it was limited(free) in codec support, and i have tried v16 or 17.. ? dont remember.
    The software is great, i love the color correction tools.
    The frustration with video editing programs.. slow speed when rendering/exporting the edited video

  4. My biggest frustration of editind movie is time for making someface shortcut and translating to some other format.
    I tried Magix Movie Edit.It is very comfortable for me to make operation time short.I am looking forward for your reply.

  5. I don't like the small number of opportunitie (transitions, effects, media generator). Have to look for what that connect various modules, plugins. I really liked Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus and very happy with the quality of this program. Very talented, nice easy to use. Thanks for this nice giveawaz and this chance to win a license for very useful and needful video edition software! Best Regards.

  6. I got to know this software trough this blog and along with the great tuturials i gave it a try and i liked very much. the gui didn't seem confuse and some functions were actually very intuitive to use and very pratical, like the cross fade that we only have to drag one clip into the other. My frustation is more related to hardware issues rather than the software itself since i don't have a great machine and i can't get the video preview to flow smooth.

    anyway it't a great software, powerfull yet very easy to use and of course i'd like very much to have it.
    regards to all

    1. Yup - I kinda have the same frustration - I need a better computer to have the preview run smoothly.

      Thanks for entering, Miguel!

  7. My biggest frustration is that video editing software either does too little (windows movie maker) or it too darn complicated and expensive and I have to spend 2 years and $600 learning how to use it.

  8. First of all, I` d like to say that I like all kinds of Magix softs, cause they are high quality out put tech.things. And it is all the same what it is - pictures, music or something else. The tools of Magix softs make their job perfectly and diligently. I have tested this video making program and can say a lot of good about, but in short it is:
    - this program has more bigger working tracks than another video making programs, which I have tasted before! As usuals, simply video maker has only 3 tracks: video, sound, transformation effects. Here in Magix, I have notice near 32 !!! It gives the filmmaker possibility to be more creative and produce really great unusual films, to create many voices scenes and effects.
    - more bigger and great collections of animated video fonts for design video film, including 3d fonts. It also includes nice design ready templates and they really can make a design of the film very like professional cinema film, if will be using by video creators in it.
    - there are many various special tools inside it, ready to use for quick cutting sounds, video, quick making design of needed parts of it without problems. Utility of 3d making. In one word, it is program "all in one", for quick and creative work without buying any additional softs which need to make your film great and interesting and pleasant to see, Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus 2013 is a "big egoist" :-) in this way and it likes to do everything alone with its own complex of programs utilities. Really great program to want to have it in own comp. :-)

  9. My biggest frustration with video editing software is a combination of the lack of options; the time needed to render the video, and; the price. That last one is a huge factor for me, for reasons I told you the other day.

    Magix is absolutely amazing. With the capabilities, it would really come in handy for my ideas I have planned in my head. Returning to creating music videos; doing video reviews; doing Let's Plays on YouTube, and; possibly doing a movie. The lack of options in other software is one reason why I stopped creating music vdeos.


  10. Thanks for this Great Giveaway Dude.
    I feel totally insane when look at the user interface of many video editing tools which available on the market. They really press me down..:-)
    Magix is not as confuse as other tools there. So I think this One would give too many chances to explore it. This tool is really great for me working with Video Editing.
    Please count me in too..


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