Picture in Picture Video Editing in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus

Picture in Picture Video Editing in Magix
Perhaps you saw those picture in picture clickable videos on YouTube. You may also be interested in making split screen videos with Magix.

Well, in this tutorial, I'm gonna share with you how to overlay smaller videos on a background clip, to create that picture in picture layout in your videos.

The software we'll be using is Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus.

The overlay principle in Magix

One thing you need to know to do this properly is this: in Magix, the media elements (videos, pictures, text, etc.) on the lower tracks will always overlay on the elements placed on the higher tracks.

Let's say we have three clips on the first three tracks. When we hit play, we will only preview the clip on the third track coz that overlays on the other two above.

So, in order to edit picture in picture vids, we need to keep the video in the first track as a background. Then we simply resize and re-position the videos on the lower tracks.

For that, we select the video we want to resize and go to Effects/Movement Effects/Size and Position. Just drag the resizing handles on the clip and place it anywhere you like on the background video.

Later, after you upload it to YouTube, you can define clickable areas within your video (using YouTube annotations).

Usually, the picture in picture scenes lead to other videos on YouTube. This way you can promote your other videos with each new clip that you publish. At least, that what I do. :-)

Over to you

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Also, if there's anything you'd like to learn about video editing just let me know and I'll gladly help.


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