Picture in Picture Video Editing with CyberLink Power Director

PowerDirector Picture in Picture Tutorial
Since YouTube enabled clickable annotations, you can promote your older videos with each new video that you publish.

To do that you have to create a picture in picture layout and then, after you upload your vid to YouTube, simply define the clickable areas.

Here's how to do PiP in CyberLink Power Director, ranked as the best video editor:

  1. Drag a background video video onto the first track of the timeline.
  2. Drag additional videos on each of the tracks below.
  3. Select the video which you want to resize. Once selected, you'll see the resizing handles at the corners of the video.
  4. Resize and position you clip anywhere you want.
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 for each new clip below the background video.
Picture in Picture in CyberLink PowerDirector

Just as with most video editors, each new media element, placed on a lower track, will overlay on the items placed on the higher tracks. So you need to resize the videos on the lower tracks. Otherwise they'll overlay in full over the background video.

There you have it. Now you can embed and link up videos from your archive in your vlogs.

Get PowerDirector and claim your fame on the internet.Well... maybe I exaggerate. But your videos will definitely get more views if they look sleek. And PowerDirector does just that - it makes your videos look cool.

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    1. You can do that with annotations in YouTube. If you're a YouTube partner, you can even link to your own T-shirt shop or an associated website (like a blog).


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