CyberLink Power Director Slow Motion Tutorial

PowerDirector Slow Motion Screen Capture
For any kind of slow motion video you need to shoot high speed footage. That means anything at 60 fps or higher.

If you wanna impress your viewers, shooting interesting action will definitely help. I'm talking about extreme sports, objects being dropped, your cat jumping, etc. :-)

So, in this tutorial, you'll learn how to render your video in slow motion with PowerDirector - No. 1 video editing program.

Here's how to do slow motion in CyberLink Power Director
  1. Import your video into the timeline.
  2. Trim it (leave out the less interesting parts).
  3. Go to Power Tools / Video Speed and adjust the playback speed.
  4. Click play to preview. If the video is choppy, it means there aren't enough frames per second, thus, you need to increase the speed.
  5. Repeat step 4. until your subject moves smoothly.
  6. Go to Produce tab and choose your export settings (format and folder destination).
For this particular example, I used GoPro HD footage taken at 120 fps. I applied 0.2 speed factor so the result was played at 24 fps (120 * 0.2 = 24).

You can go even lower than 24 fps but always preview the clip so it won't look jerky.

The same feature can be used to do time lapse with footage. For instance you can shoot a sunset for half an hour and then speed up the video to last just a few seconds.

Get PowerDirector and start making awesome vids.

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  1. doesn't it hurt when you hit the water?

    1. :) No coz we fall in slow motion...

      Kidding. If you don't jump right you can hurt yourself, that's for sure. We did splashed too hard a few times.

      It's too much fun so we just jump.

  2. I cant figure out how to edit at 120 fps. The highest the software recognises is 60

    1. It must be the version I guess. I used the Ultimate suite and it worked with GoPro HD 2 footage at 120 fps.

  3. After producing, the size of the video is too big. How do i reduce it and still have a quality video?

    1. Hey Jabar!

      Export the video in MP4 format (H.264). That should keep the file small and the quality high.

      I edit most of my videos with Magix Movie Edot Pro Plus and I export in AVI - since the file is uncompressed I also get a large file but the quality is good.

      Then I compress it to MP4 for smaller size with Leawo converter.

      Let me know if this helps!


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