Keyframe Video Editing in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus - Screencast Tutorial

Keyframe Video Editing
In this tutorial you're gonna learn how to edit videos with key frames in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus.

What is keyframming? - you may ask.

Keyframes represent the best way to manually control the intensity of your video effects across a scene. Basically, you can gradually transition from a high intensity effect (say contrast) to a lower intensity effect or vice-versa.

So on any give video segment in your timeline, you can apply various effects - each of them ranging in intensity from minimum to maximum at different time stamps within that video. You can apply more effects on the same clip and each effect can be managed with keyframes - this give you ultimate freedom on your creativity.

If you know how to work with masks, then keyframes are for time stamps what masks are for areas in your shot. That's coz masks allow you to apply an effect only in certain areas of the scene. (e.g.: You can have only the upper half of the video in color while the bottom half is in black and white.)

You can use keyframes to animate objects as well. All you have to do is set a new position and/or size for your object and set a new keyframe with each position. When you hit play - the object will move from one position to the next. That's how I animated the text at the end of my video - flying up and increasing in size.

Keyframe animation explained by Magix:

Video Transcript:

Keyframe animation makes it possible to dynamically control video effects using curves.

Choose the effects you would like to control from the Effects bar. To set a keyframe at the current position, click on the Set Keyframe button.

All curve keyframes can be moved by holding down the left mouse key. For more precise editing, the keyframes can be represented as curves and moved in the object. The higher the curve point, the more intensely the effect will influence the object. You can test the result using the play button.

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  1. great stuff! this makes sense now. i used to add effects on each segment but i had no clue that i can alter that effect.

    thanks constantin!

    1. Thanks, Mark!

      Yup. This creates a new spectrum of possibilities - I love keyframming! :-)


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