How To Crop a Video in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus

Video Cropping
Sometimes you wanna crop a certain portion of your video shot. Maybe you just don't like the framing or maybe you want to convey the cinematic movie look.

Either way, you can easily crop your video in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus - a simple video editing software, which, even though is ranked #4, is one of the best tools for the amateur filmmaker who wants professional results (like me).

In Magix, you go to Effects/Movement Effects/Section. Then you simply define the area you want to have cropped out by filling the Width and Height pixel fields. The Top and Left fields let you move the cropped section within the frame. But you can also just drag the handles of the dotted line frame that appears onto your scene.

Make sure you work with Free Proportions. If you uncheck the Fill Screen, you'll get the margins in black - suitable for the film look (where you have 2:1 aspect ratio or even higher).

Cropping Video in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus

Another way you can crop the footage is by using the Camera Zoom menu (see image above). You simply drag the cropping handles and then you move the selection anywhere you want. This will automatically make the cropped section fill the entire screen so you can expect some quality loss due to lower resolution of the new scene.

Get Magix and do it too.

Happy editing!

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  1. Great tips, I've got something to try in my next video.

    1. :) Cheers! I don't crop all my videos but when I do, I'm proud with the result.

  2. Much too confusing to follow plus poor English diction.

    1. Yup. You're right! I must speak English more often. Thanks for the comment, though! :)

  3. Nothing wrong with your English, steps were simple and clear. Some people are just ignorant. Thanks for the help!


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