TV Remote Effect in PowerDirector and Why You Should Subscribe to PDToots on YouTube

TV Remote Effect in PowerDirector
The fantastic guys at PDtoots came out with another well produced tutorial for PowerDirector - ranked as the No. 1 editing software for amateur filmmakers. This time is the TV remote effect.

So what? you may say.

Well, of course we all have access to their tutorials on YouTube but they offer more to their subscribers. So, if you subscribe to their channel (I did), you also get downloadable media materials and Power Director templates for your video project.

This way, you don't have to recreate what they're teaching, you simply get it for free. Pretty neat, huh?

For this tutorial, you'll get the wall background, the TV and the hand pressing the button on the remote. After you download the package, you just overlay these elements on different tracks in Power Director as you'd do it for picture in picture. Then you add your videos and make it look like someone is switching channels on a TV set.

So, go to their YouTube page, subscribe and you'll get tutorials like these plus instructions and zipped folders with everything you need. This is how I got the TV effect materials (in my YouTube inbox):


Thanks for requesting the TV Remote Control Effect (Packed Project) giveaway.

Because you are a PDtoots subscriber, we are happy to provide you with the download link. The file size is 8MB.

NOTE 1: (This packed project giveaway will only open in PowerDirector versions 9, 10, 11 and later.)

Here is the download link: Subscribe and request it.

(Be sure to only click on the TV Remote download button, and not on any of the advertisement download buttons)

Download the zipped folder, then un-zip the folder to extract the contents.

If you are unfamiliar with un-zipping a zipped folder, use Google to research How To Un-Zip A Zipped folder, in whatever Operating System you have installed (e.g. XP, Vista, W7, W8).

Once downloaded, simply follow the instructions in the tutorial to either "Load" or "Insert" the project in to your PowerDirector timelines. (The "Insert" option is NOT available in PowerDirector 9.)

** USER TIP **

If you are going to use the "Insert" option, it is suggest that you first open 5 new tracks ABOVE your existing track #1 (using the Add New Tracks Button), before you "Insert" this packed project at the end of your existing project. Once the project is inserted, you can then Group, Re-align, Delete, and Add/Remove Tracks, etc., and then align the inserted packed project media to match up with your existing project.

NOTE 2: (This giveaway is intended for advanced PD users. If you are new to PowerDirector, applying this project / technique may, take a little practice and experimentation. Make sure you first create a backup save of your original project, and then upon continuing, use the Save As option often, to save new consecutively numbered backup .pds file saves. See the Project Management Part 1 and Part 2 tutorials for further info and tips on a fail safe workflow method that many PD users employ.)

-CP- (for the PDtoots Team)

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