PowerDirector Director Ultra Giveaway & 50% Off Coupon

PowerDirector Ultra - Video Editing Program
Update: This giveaway has reached its deadline. The winner is Robert from BeenTravelin on YouTube. Thank you all for entering!
Grab this chance if you're interested in a free serial number for the best video editor (for enthusiast filmmakers).

The cool people at CyberLink are being generous again with a free license key for their best selling video editing software. Here's what you have to do to get it:

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2. Fill the form below and click Submit at the end

What you get
  • A free serial number for PowerDirector Ultra for the lucky winner
  • A 50% off limited time coupon code for PowerDirector (delivered by email only if you submit your details in the form or if you subscribe to VideoEditingSoftware.com)

Why to enter

Let's say you already have a video editing software - well, you can always surprise your best friend with a digital gift. So enter anyway and if you don't win you may pass your coupon to someone who needs it.

The deadline

Entries for this giveaway will be accepted until 25 August 2013. The contest is open to participants all over the world.

How we're going to choose the winner

We'll go trough your YouTube or Vimeo videos and if we find a video that blows us away, you'll win. You'll still get the 50% off coupon if you don't. So fill the form and enter the contest.


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