How To Split Mono Sound in Two Channels in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus (Mono/Stereo) + Audio Cleaning

Olympus Lapel Mic
One of my friends, who knows a lot more about video editing than me, told me sound editing is a new ball game altogether.

He also told me that if I want quality sound, I must be willing to spend lots of dough on proper sound gear. And he was right... That's why I use these hacks to get a better sound (I'm still learning though).

So I bought this microphone that I use with an external voice recorder and I only get one channel of sound (left).

The mic is mono with a mono jack. So, in order to have the mono sound on both channels, I need a mono to stereo jack adapter. Since I don't have that yet, I figured a way to split the sound in two channels in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus.

Now, we have to make a clear distinction here. Even though we're using the Stereo FX, what we get is not stereo, it's just a mono sound distributed evenly on both channels.

In order to get genuine stereo we would need to have a stereo mic to begin with. That's basically a mic that has two mini microphones (left and right). This also means that each channel of sound is slightly or significantly different that the other. If a certain sound is coming from the left side, the left mini-mic will pick up the sound better and you'll be able to hear it in the left headphone better.

In music, stereo sound could be mixed in various ways. You can hear certain beats on one earphone and the remaining beats in the other earphone. Example: bass and drums in the left channel - voice and lead guitar in the right channel.

Splitting the sound in 2 channels

Audio Cleaning Magix
Stereo FX in Magix

In Magix, you right click on the sound track and choose Audio Cleaning. Then you go to the Stereo FX tab and drag the Stereo Width marker to 200%. Now your mono sound is split in two channels.

Cleaning the sound

Edit Sound Wave Externally in Magix
Sound Cleaning in Magix Music Editor

If you want to truly make your sound clean (without any hissing noise) you can do that with an add on application that comes with your Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus software: Music Editor.

Right click on the sound track and select Edit Wave Externally. Then go to the Cleaning tab and drag the DeNoiser marker all the way to the right. You'll notice your sound becomes more clear and full. Then you export your new sound as WAV or MP3 (File/Export Sound).

If you want to use the sound in your video project, you need to import your new track and sync it with your video.

Please note that all these are artifacts we use to get a better sound. If you don't want all this hassle, you need to buy some expensive microphones or recorders - which will probably cost you anywhere from a few hundred bucks all the the way to over $1000.

My recording gear (mic + digital voice recorder) cost less than $100. So I guess it's worth it for me to do my little projects with less expensive gear and then fix the sound with a few basic editing tricks afterwards.

That's about it. "Mike check" and... out!

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