Split Screen Tutorial with Magix Pro X and Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus [Video]

split screen - flip and mirror video
Here's something people want to do a lot: split screen. Quite useful for editing interviews or vlogs.

It's a combination of video cropping and picture in picture. In Magix, you first crop the video, then you rearrange it with Size and Position within Movement Effects.

I used Magix Video Pro X for this particular example because it allows me to easily crop the video by dragging the handles (whereas in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus you have to define the cropped area by filling the fields - not fun...)

I also flipped the video using the Rotation Mirror effect.

In order to get the PiP layout you have to overlay your video on a lower track - coz in Magix, the media elements placed onto low tracks actually over-impose over those elements placed onto higher tracks. It may be counter-intuitive but you'll get used to it fast.

Drop a comment if you have questions. Cheers!

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