How To Do a Travel Route Animation in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus [Video]

This is a rather hidden feature in Magix Edit Pro Plus but it can spice up your videos for sure. For instance, if you shot a vacation video, this is the perfect tool for showing the route your traveled.

Please note that you need an internet connection in order for the software to pull the map (from Google Maps).

Go to Edit / Wizards / Travel route animation. Choose your start and end points, add other destinations along the route, arrange them as you want. Then choose a vehicle (car, plane, etc), the duration of the animation and when you're done, the animated video drops onto your timeline.

From there you can add your vacation footage and continue editing.

Of course, if you want to be more fancy than this, you can actually have a map and a marker and shoot video as you draw the line on the map - sort of like stop motion. Casey Neistat does this a lot in his videos.

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