Adding Titles + Keyframe Animation in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus / Magix Pro X [Video]

Titles in Video Editing - Cliff Jumping
Adding fancy titles is not something that I do. But what I do is I animate the titles myself (without using presets).

So while you may add cool title effects using the options within Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus or Magix Pro X, I think you should be able to use keyframes to really push things further with your video editing.

The gist of this method can be described as follows:
Now of course you could be using some effects as well but when you combine effects with keyframes, things go really crazy (in a good way).

If you want your text (title) to zoom in you can either do that with keyframes by pulling the handles of the title and setting a keyframe for the small size and another one for the big size or you can drop an effect on to the title (Effects/Movement Effects/Movement Template/Zoom In).

Keyframe Title Animation in Magix Video Pro X

This method of animating text can be used for any other object in the timeline, be it picture, title or footage. Get Magix and do it too.

Hope this helps. Drop questions if you have any. Thanks for your visit!

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