The Best Vlogging Cameras for YouTube - Top 5

Top 5 Vlogging Cameras for YouTube - Quick Comparison Review
1. Sony CyberShot DSC-WX80 2. Canon Powershot S1003. Nikon Coolpix S69004. Canon 70D DSLR Camera5. Design Camera Blackmagic
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NEW to the chart: Canon Vixia HD Mini Compact Vlogging Camera
Canon Vixia MINI HD Compact Vlogging Camera
  • Small and compact
  • Wide angle lens
  • Stereo front facing microphone for quality sound
  • Built in adjustable stand and tripod socket for perfect positioning
  • Flip-able touch screen for real time capture view
There is no doubt that the combination of YouTube and the development of inexpensive, high production value cameras and camcorders have revolutionized how people view videos and their purpose. Today, there are millions of people who post videos to YouTube and many have their own channels where they host their own programs.

Called Video Blogging or Vlogging, there are some who actually make enough money from their efforts on YouTube, but most vlog as a hobby and create an interesting, more personal show in the process. The beauty of vlogging is that it requires very little to create your own high quality video production. When it comes to Vlogging, it is very important to have the right kind of camera that will do the job properly.

Unfortunately, too many vloggers wind up with a camera or camcorder that is ill-suited to what they want to accomplish or worse, purchasing one that is far more expensive than their needs require.

What to look for when you buy a vlogging camera

Actually, there is not a lot of difference between the cameras that take video and those that are well suited for vlogging. But generally speaking you will need to purchase a camera that has the following features:

- Rotating LCD Screen
- External Mic Input
- Manual Focus
- 720p or 1080p HD Video Quality
- Wi-Fi

The LCD screen should be able to turn in such a manner that you can view yourself when videoing if your intention is to be on camera. Although not a necessary function as a little practice can achieve the same result, a rotating LCD screen does make it easier to be properly framed. The external mic input allows you to wear a microphone or use one that captures sound better than the internal microphone on the camera to reduce hissing.

If the camera doesn't have a mic jack and you want better sound than the built in mic can capture, then you should record the sound separately on an external voice recorder + a lapel microphone. You then do the sound sync in post production with your video editing program.

The manual focus allows you to defeat the auto focus which often bounces during filming and the high HD video quality is a must, especially in lower-light settings. The good news is that there are cheap vlogging camera products that work almost as well as the professional quality ones used by TV news stations and the like. The Wi-Fi capability allows you to upload your pictures from anywhere there is an internet connection.

When looking for the right camera for your needs, remember to keep in mind the price and set a budget that makes your comfortable. Remember, you can always purchase a more expensive camera later if your vlogging really takes off on YouTube. In fact, many vloggers who have enjoyed a considerable amount of success started with low-cost cameras.

What about your smartphone or GoPro?

GoPro 4 Black Vlogging CameraiPhone 6 Vlogging CameraSamsung Galaxy S6
GoPro CameraiPhone 6Samsung Galaxy
Excellent Rating for This CameraExcellent Rating for This CameraExcellent Rating for This Camera
I'm glad you asked!

A GoPro is a cool little camera that's become a household name during the last few years. And it's the camera that got me into film making. Love it!

Now, it's not necessarily a vlogging camera but if you take it out of its case, you can get decent sound. Because you know, sound is very important in vlogging. So you get the versatility of an action sports camera but you also get a small fun camera to vlog with.

As for your smartphone - you're likely carrying one all the time. Hell, you might be even reading this on your phone. What I am saying is that you may unknowingly carry a beautiful vlogging gadget in your pocket... Isn't that ironic?! :)

Smartphone have HD cameras which now offer crisp & clear HD footage and very good sound which is all you need for vlogging. If you want to go fancy, you can download your video onto your computer and edit it a little. If not, just upload it directly as it is and Boom! You're done.

If investing a few hundred dollars is not your thing then simply use your iPhone or your Android phone to shoot your vlogs - you get awesome footage at no extra cost, plus your camera is always in your pocket.

The Top 5 Best Vlogging Cameras 

Here is the best point and shoot camera products as well as other types of cameras divided up by budget so that you can find the one that best suits what you need. The first three cameras are quite exceptional and they all cost around $200 or less. These are very affordable point and shoot cams which are great for any starting YouTuber.

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX80

A nifty little camera that offers quite a bit when it comes to what a YouTuber needs when taking clear, sharp video. The camera itself offers an 8x zoom lens and Wi-Fi all packed into a tiny framework that makes it easy for those who are on the go. There are a number of advantages that come with this particular camera that’s priced right around $200.

- Sharp Lens
- 8x Zoom
- 1080i60 HD Video
- Fast Burst Shooting
- Wi-Fi
- Remote Viewfinder

The remote viewfinder capability is particularly good for those shooting selfies when out travelling. However, it is rather slow to get starting and the in-camera battery charger takes its time as well. However, for an inexpensive compact camera it makes for a remarkable vlogging experience thanks to its numerous features.

Canon Powershot S100

Also for under $200 is this remarkably compact camera that offers a considerable number of features that makes it perfect for vlogging.

- 3” LCD Color, Wide Angle Viewing Monitor
- 16MP
- DIGIC 4 Image Processor
- 5x Optical Zoom
- 720p HD Video

Despite its compact nature, the 5x optical zoom helps make this one of the better cameras that you can find on the market. Now, you can better set your shots and get the quality you want thanks to the improved optics. Plus, the 720p HD video is quite good and works for most amateur vloggers who are looking for high quality at a low price.

What makes this one of the best cheap vlogging camera products is its powerful DIGIC 4 image processor which takes sharp, clear video that makes your production look professional in appearance. Plus, it is very compact so that you can set up your own shots wherever you want and create stunning videos that offers exceptional picture quality. Plus, the dedicated movie button makes it all a snap to shoot.

Nikon COOLPIX S6900

This exceptional camera was basically made for vlogging thanks to its numerous features and incredible video quality. Of course, it helps that the camera is under $200 and is very easy to use to record your adventures whether on the go or sitting comfortably at home.

- 12x Optical Zoom
- Intelligent Auto Focus
- Varied-Angled LCD Screen
- 1080p HD Video Quality
- Wi-Fi Capable

This is a remarkable vlogging camera as the LCD screen will tilt where you can easily see it while taking high quality 1080p HD video. The intelligent auto focus sets well so you have little of the annoying bounce that occurs as with other cameras. The added stabilization is a nice touch as well, although you will want a tripod if possible. For those who want to become a YouTuber without paying through the nose, this is certainly the camera for you.

The first three cameras listed are certainly well made for vlogging, especially for the amateur or someone who is just getting the hang of what being a Youtuber is all about. However, for those who have a more professional interest in becoming a vlogger, there are more expensive cameras that provide all the features you need to really establish yourself on YouTube.

Canon 70D

The Canon 70D has become almost legendary for combining professional quality images with an easy to use system that most consumers are comfortable. In this day and age of digital recording technology, the 70D is another remarkable entry in the series that makes it a camera definitely worth considering for the professional vlogger.

- 3” LCD Monitor Screen
- Advanced Auto Focus Technology
- 1080p HD Video
- Instant Sharing & Remote Control
- Built-in Wi-Fi and EOS Remote
- Full Manual Mode in Video
- Stereo Built-In or External Microphone Terminal

The number of features that this particular camera offers is certainly remarkable and its versatility also makes it one of the best on the market. It is recommended that you purchase the complete kit so that you can change lenses when needed and have the support of the tripod as well as the other important accessories.

At around $650, this is one of the more expensive cameras for the typical vlogger. Still, it does have a number of exceptional features that makes perfect for taking high quality photographs or doing your vlog on the go in many different locations.

For those who are looking at creating a professional vlog for their YouTube channel, the Canon 70D fits the bill and then some as one of the best point and shoot cameras that you can find.

Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera

There is little doubt that the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera is one of the more expensive on the market today. However, it does offer a considerable number of features that makes it arguably the best for professional vlogging. The unique design combined with the emphasis on the highest video quality makes this particular camera a must for many professionals who want to really excel in their field.

- 2.5K Image Sensor
- 13 Stops of Dynamic Range
- SSD Recorder
- Uncompressed or Compressed RAW Files
- Built-in Recorder & Monitor

A remarkable camera that can be used for television commercials, shows and even to shoot movies using the digital recording of this device for exceptional quality. If your vlogging plans include more than just sitting behind a desk and talking, then this is the professional high quality camera that you need.

Admittedly, the $2,000 price tag is high enough to make anyone question whether this is the right camera for their needs. In most cases, an aspiring vlogger should begin with a much cheaper model and then work their way up to the Blackmagic if they desire. There is little doubt that this is currently the ultimate expression in consumer-level vlogging cameras that makes it an excellent purchase even though it is rather limited to the vlogging field.


Overall, if you are looking to become a YouTuber, then purchasing the best vlogging camera that fits your budget is a top priority. Be sure to do your research so that you can buy a vlogging camera that you know is right for you and your video publishing needs.

I personally believe that vlogging is more about content, personality and style and less about the camera. Sound is more important coz you wanna make yourself understood even if you are out of focus. :)

Sony HX9V is my vlogging cam and I use it with a Sony voice recorder + a Speedlink lapel mic.

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