Why You Don't Need To Convert Your MTS Files

Edit MTS Files
So you bought a camera that shoots in AVCHD format and you get these MTS video files.

Now, all the excitement about your new camera is quickly erased by the new issue you have on your mind: What's with strange video format?!

I know how it feels, but there's hope. Read on.

The first problems you may have with the MTS videos
  1. You can't view the footage.
  2. You can't import it into your video editing software coz the format is incompatible...
Assuming you shoot videos to edit them, you have two solutions:
  1. Convert the files to a more common format - AVI for instance.
  2. Use an editing program that supports MTS videos. I use Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus for that.
The first problem, though, is easy to solve. Just download the latest version of VLC player and you'll be able to playback your vids.

To convert the files to AVI for editing, you can use a bunch of video converters out there. The only ones I've used are Leawo and MPEG Streamclip, so I cannot say much about the other converters.

MPEG Streamclip is awesome to batch convert MP4 to AVI, so keep it in mind for that.

Import MTS videos directly into your editing software

This is the best option, since you can immediately start editing without having to convert your files. No wasted time, no frustration. And this is what I personally like better (instead of using converters).

Some of the professional programs support MTS files but even some of them require a conversion before importing. That's why I prefer Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus whenever working with MTS (and with any other format for that matter).

Power Director is another easy to use popular program while Adobe Premiere is the high end pro software that supports MTS as well.

Either way, you may wanna download the free trial and see which one is more suitable for you.
My bike stunts video shoot with Sony HX9V and GoPro HD. Original files: MTS and MP4.

AVCHD Compact Camera - Sony HX9V

Over to you
  • What do you use to edit or convert MTS files?
  • What's you biggest issue when editing videos?
Let's chat. Leave a comment.

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  1. This was most helpful, thanks.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I also use TransMXF Pro for Mac You can have a try!

  3. I am recording movies with my new Evolve set tot box which is recording in MTS format. So now I need some simple program which will work with MTS format and which will just let me erase commercial breaks and will save it back into MTS format. I am expecting that it will not take as much time as if I saved it in avi format. I have already tried windows live movie maker which is not able to save in mts. I've tried Win X video, with which it's impossible to delete unwanted video parts. The play cursor is not sensitive enough for me to place it exactly where I need to. Magic movie edit pro keeps telling me that MPEG 2 function is not available due to licensing conditions. Is that because I'm using trial version? Can someone point me to some easy program which will just do those simple tasks that I need?

    1. Yeah, Magix might not work because you only have the trial version. Why save it as MTS? The best online format is MP4 (low space and high quality)


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