Where To Get Royalty Free Music for Your Videos

Music for YouTube Videos
Perhaps you've noticed that you always get a warning when you upload a video on YouTube which contains music that is owned by some big record label. That sucks!

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Sometimes they cut your audio altogether or they simply don't show your video in certain countries.

So what can you do? Where can you get royalty free music for your videos?

Well, there are free sources and paid sources. The most important thing though is to find the right soundtrack  for your film.

I always listen to a bunch of songs before editing a video. That's coz I also like to edit videos on music beats. So if I find a good song for the action in my video, I go all the way. I basically can't change my mind about the soundtrack once I started editing.

Free music for your videos

Here are my favorite sources for free soundtracks:

Paid royalty free music

I've noticed that with free music, you don't always find what you're looking for. I mean, you can find some decent beats but rarely something cool. That's why I'm using more paid music in my videos lately.

Here's where you can get it from:
These lists are by no means exhaustive. As I find other great music libraries, I'll update this post with the new sources.

Over to you

Do you have a favorite website for free music? Leave a comment and tell us about it.


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  1. i just rip it from other youtube vids. :-)

    1. Lol. :-) What do you use? Audacity?

      I do the same sometimes but still, I don't wanna have copyright issues with YouTube or other third parties. That's why I buy music now. Especially for paid gigs.

    2. i used audacity first but then i installed a plugin for chrome that lets me download vids in a few formats. so i get only the audio as mp3.

    3. Ha! I also use that plugin to "crop" songs, sometimes. :)I guess the record labels are screwed...

  2. It's easy to rip music from other videos, but the last thing you want is a copyright claim from either the original video creator, or the owner of the music track itself which will result in your video being taken offline instantly and all those views will count for nothing.

    If you want to create something original, and offer something no one else has, then license some royalty free music which can be a unique and practical solution to use music for YouTube videos.

  3. Hello ! you should have a look also to http://www.musicincloud.com for royalty free music.. it's new ! made with love, real instruments, and pure Groove !:) :) it’s free if you share ! :) enjoy…

  4. Thanks! Tips,

    http://tracktourmusic.com/ it was direct download, and no cost!

  5. Here's a little known site that has some fantastic music. all free. http://www.freemusicpublicdomain.com/royalty-free-symphony-music/


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