Alpha Mask Effects in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus - Video Editing Tutorial

Alpha Mask Video Editing in Magix Movie Edit Pro
Alpha masks allow you to apply effects only in certain areas of the video.

With this feature of Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus you can dramatically enhance the look of your videos.

When you load the effect masks from the software's template, it seems that you can only apply color effects.

If you want to apply other effects on certain spots of the shot (like blur only on the edges, make only the right half of the video in black and white etc.), you need to manually import an image and apply the Alpha Mask property from the Chroma Key menu.

Then you need to duplicate the video segment and place it on a lower track while the alpha mask image remains between those two videos (click the image above for a graphic explanation).

To better understand how alpha masks work, have a look at these screencat tutorials as well:
If you want to go crazy with your effects, you can combine mask effects with keyframe animation.

Using effect masks you can edit individual image areas.

First, select the video object to which you would like to apply an effect. Then select the desired effect from the media pool.

Before starting to edit, load the desired effect mask using the little triangle above the effects options. The folder with the Movie Edit Pro templates will open but you can also create your own masks and use them in Movie Edit Pro. Now you can start changing the desired parameters.

All effect masks are alpha masks.

The full impact of the effect will be applied to white areas and on areas where the mask is darker, the effect will be applied weaker. In places where the mask is black no effect will be applied.

Every effect mask my be customized in Movie Edit Pro. To do so, simply click on the effect mask object. Now you can edit the mask just like any other object in Movie Edit Pro - including rotate, scale or animate with keyframes and adjust to your video individually.

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  1. I cannot thank you enough for this useful tip. Keep it going.

    1. :-) Cheers! You're welcome!

      I love this feature a lot as well.

  2. Ho can create a magnify glass effect?


    1. Hi Stefano!

      I think you can use the tilt shift method:
      - one track in regular size
      - an alpha mask with a round white spot (the magnifying glass)
      - another track with the same footage zoomed in

      I don't do animation with Magix and I assume it can't go very far. If you want animation and effects you should go with Adobe After Effects.


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