Video Color Correction in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus

Secondary Color Correction
You can use the secondary color correction feature in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus to edit pictures as well.

I use it when I want to make a certain color more potent (higher saturation) or when I want to make the whole image in black and white except one particular color.

To correct individual colors in the image or to add distortion, select the Color Correction option.

Click the corresponding color to add it to the selection or extract. The selected color range now appears on a gray background. Now change the color, saturation and the correction level.
Video Color Correction in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus

This need not only be applied to the selected range but also to the background or to the entire image.

Click the reset symbol and the original color values will be restored.

Check out this video tutorial (below) for image optimization with Magix Video Pro X (the pro alternative from Magix). Don't worry though, a lot of these options are available in Movie Edit Pro Plus as well.

3 way color correction is in Movie Edit Pro as well now.

It means that in the Color correction you have 3 options, Master, Foreground and Background.

This allows you to change the color for the whole frame (Master) or change the color for objects selected (Foreground) or change the color for everything not selected (Background). So you can create some really nice effects, like making people stand out or deadening the background.

Get Magix and do it too.

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