What Video Editing Software Do You Really Need?

This is an ongoing survey on which I'll use to bring new sponsors to the site.

I usually ask them for a giveaway or a huge discount coupon. Some are very generous and give out 3 serial numbers (license keys) for their programs.

I'll send them the results of the survey to convince them that you truly want their software. So fill the form below and click Submit if you need a certain software for your video editing. I'll do my best to get a good deal for you.

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  1. wow! cool. i'm in for adobe premiere. it's way too expensive. thanks!

    1. Yup. It's expensive indeed. They offer it as a subscription now (on Adobe.com). I'll shoot them an email and ask for a significant discount.

  2. Hello, I am a constant blogger, but im in need of some new editing software.. I was wondering if you knew of any editing software similar to @JacksGap as i think its very interesting and different.
    thank you

    1. Hey Joe!

      If he's on a Mac, I assume he's using Final Cut Pro to edit. If he's on a PC, he's probably using Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. But you'd have to ask him.

      Those animations might be outsourced - possibly made with Adobe After Effects.

      But think about this - you're probably his fan because of the content (his jokes, his personality, etc.) not because of how he edits his vlogs.

      Don't stress too much with the editing software. I use Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus which is ranked No. 4 for consumers and I simply love it. My focus is on getting the best shots and then I just edit simply on music beats - that's about it.

      Get one and get good at making videos - you'll be able to get better regardless of the software.


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