Custom Transitions in CyberLink Power Director - Video Editing Tutorial

Custom Transition in Video Editing
If the transitions you have available in your current video editor are not cool enough, you can create your own.

You'll need a green screen for this particular PowerDirector tutorial (ranked No. 1 for enthusiast filmmakers). A blue cloth/screen will work as well. Please note that this is possible with most video editing programs which offer the Chroma Key editing option.

With Chroma Key, you can overlay a video onto a certain color from another video/image, usually green or blue. Check out the video tutorial below - made by PDtoots - a warehouse for hosting video editing tutorials, created by and geared to CyberLink PowerDirector users.

You may wanna subscribe to their YouTube channel. You'll find a solid collection of instructional videos showing you how to do almost anything in PowerDirector. You'll love it.

Depending on what your main interest is, you can customize your video transitions in many ways. Instead of sand, you can use flower petals or leaves - this would work great as an intro for gardening videos. If you're into cooking videos, you may use condiments; if you're into movie reviews, you can use popcorn, etc.

Happy editing!

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