How To Keep Your YouTube Subcribers Glued to The Screen - Hook Them with Good Music

Music for Videos
This is gonna be short and to the point.

No matter what kind of videos you edit, a good sound design with cool music tracks helps a lot!

Now, if you're a vlogger, there's not much music to be heard in your vids and I get it. But let me tell you this: you can get away with an average edit but still make a good impression because of the music.

I'm talking specifically to you if what you do is short web videos where the story is being told through footage only - where words would be redundant.

So let's say you go out and capture some rather plain footage. If you edit that stuff on a wicked sounding song, the awesomeness of the song will rub off on your video and it'll make a good impression on your viewers. It works like hypnosis.

The music does the work for you and draws the viewer to watch your video to the end.

Whenever possible, spice up your clip with nice engaging music and edit that portion of the video on music beats. If you add this to the other 3 ways to make your video look better (and get more views as a consequence), you'll rock it on YouTube.

Keep shooting vids and drop a tweet if you have questions.

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