Acronis Backup and Data Recovery Software Review or How To Not Loose Your Video Projects

Acronis True Image Data Recovery and Back Up Software
Imagine this:

You download tons of footage onto your computer. You start editing a serious project. Well, maybe it's not so serious but you care about it. Perhaps it's a vlog you wanted to publish for a long time.

Your subscribers or your clients are waiting for your video to be done. They're excited about it. And you are too. Because you've put a great deal of work into this thing. You love it!

This could be your next big thing - you secretly hope it will be. But, as it always happens, your excitement prevents you to prepare for the upcoming disaster...

Just as the Black Swan book reveals to us: we don't know what we don't know. We can't predict the unpredictable - but this is a truism. The real problem lies in the fact that we always forget to take a margin of safety against the possible damaging unpredictable events.

Yes - happy unpredictable evens happen as well but we can handle those, can't we? Who doesn't like a pleasant surprise?

You know that saying that "first impression counts"? Well, imagine this video that you're working on is a first project for a fist time client. I guess you wanna deliver your project on time. Of course! I'd want that too.

And then BAM! Shit hits the fan... For some seemingly inexplicable (karmic) reason (have you been bad?), your hard drive goes bust and all your work is lost...

Oh, the panic. The embarrassment. The shame. The furry. The... solution is right here.

Yeah! I'm not saying that your hard drive won't crash. I'm not saying your computer won't get stolen. But at least you do have a way of backing up your entire PC on a cloud storage solution that gives you everything back, just the way it was. A true and complete image: all your files, emails, music, personal settings, passwords, accounts, photos, programs installed, project files (created by your various software), etc.

But there's a catch: you have to think about the bad event before it happens. In other words, if you want to recover your data, start taking care of it now. Get your back up software and let it upload your data into the cloud.

Or, if nothing bad happens to your computer but you wanna clone it, you can do that as well. Creating an exact replica of your PC on another machine. All this and more is possible with Acronis - the most popular true image back-up software for PC and Mac.

How it works
  • You buy your software, you download and install it
  • Then you choose what you want to back up - either the entire PC, certain partitions on your hard drive or just certain folders or files
  • You choose a destination for the backup - either an external hard disk, another PC or the Acronis cloud storage
  • That's it!
The software runs in the background and it will continue to do its thing from the point where it remained if it is interrupted (maybe you accidentally close the program).

Also the default sync stores your data on Acronis cloud and synchronizes them across all your devices, including smartphones and tablets using iOS and Android.

  • Easy to use
  • You can remotely access your computer through your smartphone or tablet
  • 250 GB cloud storage capacity with first tier option
  • I couldn't find an option to share large files with other people online as I do with Dropbox (shared folders or public links within the Public folder)

Since we've been living in the internet economy for a while now, our assets have become digital, so any back-up service that you buy is the equivalent of the insurance.

My point: you wanna be covered. You want to be able to successfully deliver your content to your audience without fear of loosing your file. You don't want to loose your work.

Be safe!

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