How To Get the High Pitch (Chipmunk) Voice Effect in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus [Video]

High Pitch Voice in Video Editing - Magix
Know the chipmunk style voice? The high pitch funny sound?

You can do that in your vlogs with Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus.

After you import your footage simply right click on the sound track and choose Timestretch/Resample from the available options. Then play with the Pitch knob in the pop-up window that appears (Audio FX).

Please note that you can also use the Tempo feature which stretches or shrinks the soundtrack just as you'd get with the speed factor (Effects/Video Effects/Speed) which we use for slow motion or timelapse (time lapse with footage = speedy playback).

So if you want to keep the normal playback speed, just turn the Pitch knob only.

The effect is funny but it seems that Magix doesn't assign keyframes to it. Which is pretty bad... Coz you could have increased the effect from normal to high pitch (gradually) within a certain audio track. So, guys at Magix take note of this bug.

Audio FX in Magix - High Pitch and Low Pitch Voice

So there you go. Now you can spice up your voice in your videos. Get Magix and do it too.

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