How To Rip Audio CDs - CDA to WAV to MP3 with Magix Edit Pro Plus & Magix Pro X

Rip Audio CD - CDA to WAV to MP3
My wife bought this German language course - Total German by Michel Thomas. It's a set of audio CDs and it's supposed to be really good but who carries a CD player these days... Not her. Not me.

So we naturally thought of ripping the CDs and have the files dumped onto our phones. It was simpler than I thought - with Magix Edit Pro Plus or Magix Pro X.

In Magix, you go to the Import tab, then you navigate to your CD unit and you'll see the tracks. In this case it was CDA format (which I've learned are not exactly files but are time stamps that specify where a track begins and where it ends - see .cda file).

You select all the .cda files and drag them onto the timeline of your video editing software. The program then converts the .cda files into WAV audio segments, which are being arranged onto the first track, one after the other.

Now you can do two things:
  1. Export each WAV individually and get a separate file for each .cda track
  2. Or you can export the whole list of WAVs into a single MP3 audio file
Export Video as Audio MP3 - Magix Video Pro X

I prefer to have less files so each CD will become a single MP3 (smaller file size than WAV). The course has 7 CDs, this means I'll have 7 MP3 files of approximately 60 to 90 MB each.

Total German - Thomas Michel CD Rip

This doesn't happen very fast - perhaps due to my low hardware (2008 Dell laptop - 2 GB RAM). It actually takes a while to convert the .cda tracks to WAV but it's worth it for us coz now we can simply share the files and have them on more devices (laptop, iPad and phone).

NOTE: Please don't ask me to send you these files. It would be bad karma for both you and me... :)

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