Elgato HD60: How To Record Live Commentary on Gameplay Video + Webcam & Overlays [Video]

Elgato HD60 game Capture Card
Things you need for your gameplay and live commentary:

Video tutorial by YouTuber and gamer Drift0r:

Video transcript:

Hey guys, Drift0r here! Today I'm playing a little bit of UpLink live and I wanted to show you how to record a live commentary just like this on an Elgato HD60 with a webcam, with the overlays, with the live audio and everything. I'll show you exactly how I made what I have here today.

I'm trying to love here in this chaotic war zone. And I'm gonna be giving away an Elgato HD60 near to the end of the video but first comes the tutorial.

Let me show you how I built these overlays, how I set up the Elgato and what is the easiest way to do live commentary.

The first thing you wanna do from your Elgato menu is you want to click on the options wheel; we're gonna go to the Capture tab. Make sure we're saving the gameplay into a folder, just, you know, somewhere that you'll be able to find it easily. We're going to enable Flashback Recording and we're gonna keep the Stream Command enabled. Both these are gonna make your life easier when it comes to recording.

In the sharing tab we always want to convert new video files into MP4. And we want to mix the following tracks: the web cam and the overlays and live commentary audio. If you want to, you can export these to separate files from both the webcam and the live commentary audio and then edit them yourself later but I find that to be, you know, way too difficult and for simple purposes we're just gonna mix them together. Today I'm gonna show you the good audio balance.

You hit OK. I'm gonna hit Cancel coz I already have these settings in place.

The next thing we want to do is we want to adjust the game audio over here. By default is probably going to be a little bit loud. It's probably gonna be at 0 decibels. I put it on (negative) -18 decibels. This will mean that you can still hear your shotgun blast, you can still hear the gameplay but it won't drown out your voice.

Then you want to clike the Commentary button. Make sure that is blue to turn it on and select your microphone. Make sure you got the right one. I got the Razer Siren microphone and I set my audio at about -1 or -2 Db. This keeps from topping out and keeps it clearly lauder than the game audio.

You can also click the hammer and wrench button to automatically reduce game sound if you want to. That will kinda mute the game automatically when you talk and you can set your own threshold and options but I don't do that. I like to have the game audio at a constant volume and my voice at a constant volume that's always louder (than the gameplay).

The next thing we're gonna do is talk about the screen command. If you click the little arrow on the left, that will open it up or close it. Depending on how you have it set - it might be open or closed. We're gonna open it up and I have a blank slate here. You can see the one that I made on the left already.

In the blank slate what you wanna do is click Edit Scenes and that will let you add anything. First thing we're gonna add is obviously the web cam. That's a simple straightforward thing. There is me. This is pre-recoderd ages ago. Yes! Hello!

You can click to drag it, put it anywhere. A lot of people put it in the right hand corner coz it doesn't block anything for Call of Duty. But I'm gonna put it in the left corner just to show you how easy it is to click and drag and resize. Obviously - that's too big. I leave mine kinda about this size and we'll leave it in the left hand corner for now.

You can click the picture button to add any pictures. It'll add JPEG and clear PNGs. I'm adding a clear PNG of my dog just to kinda show how this works. If you don't know what a PNG image is, please Google it - just anything with a transparent background. And I can make the dog as big or as small as I want. Hit Save Scenes and it's saved.

But there are a few other little options there. Some things that might be a little confusing. So let's say you have a bunch of images of your clan, your YouTube capture card, all that kind of stuff overlapping each other. In this case I'm gonna put the dog on top of my webcam (save changes). That wouldn't make for a very good stream. You wouldn't be able to see my face and sometimes you have conflicting artwork.

So when you go back to Edit Scenes, you have the option to click these layer buttons to move them up or down one layer. To make sure your webcam is on top of everything else and your artwork is overlaying the webcam just fine. And then we're all good to go here.

Now, this is what I made previously. I just had the background art good to go - so I was able to drag and drop and resize. Dragged and dropped the webcam and the little frame just like we did with the dog except I was very meticulous about lining it up perfectly. I don't do this in this tutorial coz it took a little bit just lining up my pixels and polishing and making it look great but once you have your background and your webcam on there + your live commentary, enable you to just play normally and get a game or whatever you like.

And then you record literally normally. The same you always do with the Flashback recording on Elgatos with the little capture down in the bottom left. And you can see, as I scroll it actually moves around - it does things. And that's really it. It's just gonna export everything into a raw file just like you're about to see.

Well, guys that's all for the tutorial part of the video so I thought I'll leave it up as is and leave the little overlays up so you can see what I'm working with here. This is how I do it. I hope you enjoyed it, I hope you learned something useful

And the giveaway here at the end of the video is a pretty straightforward one. It's a Twitter based giveaway. Follow Elgato on Twitter, follow me on Twitter, tweet the tweet - that sort of thing. It's a link down there in the description - you'll be entered to win at random. It's all based on lottery.

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