Free Mac Video Editing Software - 5 Programs To Look Into + 2 Premium Programs To Buy

Mac Video Editing Program - Screen Flow
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Free Mac Video Editing Software
If you were in one of those game shows you see on TV and the host asked you to choose between a Mac and a Windows system, which would you prefer? The bulk of the crowd would probably shout, 'Mac!'

Why is that? Well, one essential reason individuals select a Mac rather than Windows is because of the computing infrastructure.Well... not really. Nobody cares about computing and hardware.

Macs are sexy! And they can be put to work right out of the box. Plus, they work smoothly.

And this is coming from a PC dude. I'm actually writing this on a PC and I edit all my videos with Windows editing software. But I'm no hater and I give credit where credit is due.

Macs are used by many professionals throughout the globe, merely, because Apple has put emphasis on awesome programs, designed for the creative type working in multimedia. An example of this is the video editing tools. In this article, we will explore the best video editing software for a Mac.

The attributes are incredible, and a few are offered from some of the top industry-leaders. These are amazing applications which can help you produce some fantastic videos. Nevertheless, if you are looking more into paying programs which are expensive, this is not what will be mentioned here.

There is a place and time for paid programs - especially when you want to do client work or hard core YouTubing that requires some degree of sophistication. I personally like a paid program mostly for it's reliability and the support that I get from their official website.

In this article however, we will only concentrate on applications, which are ideal for Macs, but are completely free.

First, let’s give a shout out for Mac. It is an amazing machine, but it can break your bank account when you first purchase it. That's why we'll focus on the best video editing software for a Mac, which are totally free, instead of paid applications.

All of us realize that there's absolutely nothing wrong with premium paid applications, but on occasion, you merely have to buckle down on your personal spending budget, and accept programs which are open sourced.

If you have just purchased your initial Mac, then you most likely have run out to the stores and purchased this software or that software, and then you discovered that you were completely broke. Oops! Don’t worry, it happens to all of us.

1. iMovie

If this sounds like you, we can help you out here. There is a ton of open source applications you can use for a video editing tool. One example of this, is a fundamental video editor, known as iMovie. When Apple launched the new Macs in the marketplace, they produced their very own software program that comes with iLife Suite.

This software is fairly simple, but you might not get everything you would like out of it. However, it is something to begin with. It is fun to play with initially, but in the event you want something that is more sophisticated, it might not be right for you.

It comes with easy directions, supported animations, time views, constructed sounds, and some fantastic themes and effect. It even comes with face recognition. But once you have mastered this program, your pocket will be on fire, because it'll leave you hungry to get a better program with more features. Like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere.

2. Blender

If you would like something more difficult to use, attempt utilizing Blender. This one is crazy hard to learn, but, it is a powerhouse software you will learn to love. Many people use this totally free software for three dimensional modeling and animation.

There are tons of expert video artists who use this video editing tool. It's a non-linear video editor and is open sourced, but you'll need to take your time studying how to use it. Nonetheless, as soon as you get the hang of it, you might have the ability to produce some higher profile videos.

3. Kdenlive

Another non-linear video editor is called Kdenlive. It might lack some attributes like Blender, however, it is simple to learn, and is extremely useful. That is why it is on the list of being one of the best video editing software for a Mac. It functions nicely on an OS X and numerous projects can come alive.

4. Avidemux

Avidemux is our third best video editing software for a Mac, we will discuss. This software is easy to learn and it has some great features. It has many input and output formats, and the interface is so simple. A child may be able to create great videos on this.

This program gets a lot of good reviews for a free application. It also works on other platforms like Windows and Linux. So if you're starting out into vlogging or you just wanna edit some basic gameplay videos, try Avidemux and drop your review. Feedback and constructive criticism is always welcome.

5. Jahshaka

Have you heard of Jahshaka? This is a video editor that was initially known as CineFX. It has many of the same features as Adobe Effects, but this software isn't the greatest. It is open sourced, but numerous individuals who use it are searching for a way to get it to stop glitching. Once the staff at Jashka fixes these issues, it would not be a bad program to experiment with.

Premium programs

7. ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is an outstanding piece of software which continuously gets amazing reviews. Renown for its screen capture abilities, ScreenFlow is also a very intuitive and powerful video editing software that uses a timeline editor.

Great for gaming footage (screen recording), tutorials but also for vlogs and any kind of YouTube video. A lot of big gurus in social media use it so you can't go wrong with it.

8. HitFilm

Video Editing Software for Mac - HitFilm
Hit Film is definitely a fascinating software package in our evaluation of specialized video editing tools. It is not primarily a non-linear editor; it happens to be a visual effects and compositing tool combined into one captivating application. You can go pro with this for sure!

Basically, the effects and compositing attributes would be the chief effect of Hit Film, but the video editing attributes of the application earn high praise for its detailed effects. You never know, it may replace many other editing applications.

At its core, Hit Film is all about art. When a developer is working on a complex project, they will want spectacular 3D models, particle effects, and other sophisticated visual graphics that are advanced for a particular video project.

The color grading skit, compositor, chroma, particle simulator, or animating engine will always be important, not to mention other visual tools in this initial class. To gather all the tools needed for a complex project, it can get expensive very quickly. This is why Hit Film is so great.

Hit Film is not appropriate for a newbie in video editing though. it is not easy to learn. Experts will be trained in using this type of application, but it is really complicated to use, unless you've a background in video effects or compositing.

When using  HitFilm, there is no point of putting a lot of energy into building effects. That is why you want the application to do the work for you. The video editing attributes are outstanding, and they are pretty much flawless in visual appeal. The timeline functions the way you expect it to, and the workflow is sufficient. It has a decent file format compatibility and has less glitches than most leading video editing software out on the market.

The format is so amazing, there are only export into a small amount of video codecs, so in the event you require a lot more versatility by importing small files verses large ones. Some great features that can be added into the Hit Film software are the RodyPolis 3D Weapons Pack and the Higher Poly 3D Models.

The RodyPolis 3D Weapons Pack consists of fourteen advanced poly 3D models of bullets, grenades, rockets, knives, and other weapons. All are textured and created for action packed scenes. All the weapons are created in BJ and FBX formats, which are well-suited for most 3D applications. So, you can switch it out with another application, or just use it on Hit Film.

The Higher Poly 3D Models are in the same format, so the 2K Texture maps will be diffused, normal, or specular. All maps are included with the 3D models, which are compatible with almost all 3D applications. When a developer works on their projects, they will want their models to be high Poly 3 D, with BX and OBJ formatting. They will also want the audience to be affordable, and versatile in format, just in case they will need to use additional programs in project.

That is why Hit Film is so great. It is versatile, and offers many great add-ons for even the most complex project.


If you are looking for some great software packages which are free, you should try out some of these software packages. Each one is different, and they all offer a wide array of varying attributes. Each company has invested a lot of time and resources to make these programs, and they were even generous enough to give it out for free.

So, it’s time to go play with them and determine for yourself which one you believe will be the best video editing software for a Mac.

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