How To Build Your Online Influence With Video - Chalene Johnson Interview [Video]

The future is video.

Whatever you do, if you want to touch people in a personal way (not in a weird way, mind you!) video is the best medium. It's all over the internet and the hottest new social media platforms are all about video (Snapchat, Persicope, even Facebook and Instagram).

The job of the future will be highly powered by video coz that job is being a teacher or mentor who gives inspiration. So if you're looking to build an online brand with video (youtuber or not), check this out:

Learn from the best.

Enter Chalene Johnson interviewed by Sean from Video Influencers.

Video Transcript:

Sean: Hey! What's up? Sean here with Video Influencers. And I'm sitting with Chalene Johnson, who is a personal fitness authority, New York Times' Best Selling Author, as well really a business builder, who has built multiple successful brands, and academies, and things like that. And she's just crushing it a lot of areas has a lot of wisdom to show with us.
But specifically too, she is crushing it with videos. So, hey Chalene! Thanks for being on the show.

Chalene: I'm happy to be here, 0:30 in my own home.

Sean: It's great to be here in your gym. And, after this, we're gonna be heading to weights and stuff. And I better do the first time for me.

Chalene: Are you ready?

Sean: Okay. So, hey! We're gonna be talking about, how to build your influence and your income with video. (Yeah.) And, first and foremost though, why don't you just kind of give a little bit of your background, so that the audience can hear your story, and how you ended up where you are today?

Chalene: Well, let me say this first is my life, my purpose in me being able to honor my family is because of video. 1:02 Like video, was the answer to my prayers. It really does allow me to honor what's important to me. But the funny thing is, when I first, the business that most people know me for is fitness infomercials.

And, that developed from this company my husband and I built, where we were certifying fitness professionals, specifically instructors. And what we would do is create this really cool routines, and choreograph routines 1:30 that went with music. And then I would create this work out that instructors kind of like they're jazzercise model. They could watch a routine, they get a music, and everything was like kind of all bundled in nice and neat and made life easy for them.

And I knew I had this cool work out. But the funny thing is, when I first launched the certification company for instructors, I would not be on video. 'Cause I'm like, my classes are big, I've got people coming to my classes. I know I'm popular in my own little hometown. But, 2:00 just fear judgement, I would put this routines together and then I would have other instructors in the videos. Because I didn't want anyone to like, judge me. You know?

And it was by accident, I think someone didn't show up, that I had to be in one of the videos, which was terribly scary and awful. But it just gets better from there and I think the, you know, the story if you will, or the moral of the story, 2:31 is that people like imperfection. People like people we can relate to. And so, surprisingly, I think people connect with me because I'm just gonna be me, you know?

Sean: Yeah. Authenticity.

Chalene: Yeah. And the better I get at being me, like the better the videos are. And I watched those earlier and went like "Who am I trying to impersonate?" That is so rad. I can tell who I am trying to impersonate someone you know. Like, it wasn't me. And that's really led to so many cool cool opportunities, businesses, and a lifestyle.

Sean: 3:03 Yeah. I love that. And you know, from what I've seen, you're using video in a lot of different ways. So you have a YouTube channel, you post Instagram videos, they're different social media platforms. Of course, inside of your academies is video, you have training. What do you think, you know, now your involvement, your story of getting into it, is really the importance for entrepreneurs these days and video creators to take it seriously? I mean, how important is video moving forward?

Chalene: Very very important. 3:30 Someone asked me recently, like, what one skill do you think, if someone wasn't going to college, what's one skill you think could serve them, you know, and be able to support their family. And I said it's figuring out how to use video and social media.

Because you can influence the world without ever having to leave. It's a level playing field, someone who lives in, you know, small town in North Dakota, can have the same kind of reach or someone who lives in Hollywood, with your IPhone.

Like, number one, you've got to take it seriously. 4:00 Number 2, there are certain things you need to pay attention to. So, it has evolved a little bit. There are things that will tolerate, we like imperfection. But there are certain things that make it pop. And certain things that will make people tune out.

Sean: Yeah. Very good. Awesome. Now, confidence is one of the biggest roadblocks. That specifically are audience has voiced when it comes to getting on video. You mentioned a little bit of your story. It started out, you didn't want to get in front of the camera. And I think just confidence in general, now you've really an expert in that field. And have studied it, have implemented, have lived it. 4:32 And, what are some of the tips that you would say practically for overcoming that fear of getting on the camera? And I love what you said, you're you.

I think that people struggle with tapping into their own voice. And so, how have you figured that out? To be yourself, to be present, to be vibrant, on camera and breakthrough with confidence.

Chalene: I think everybody when they see a light go on, they getting nervous, 5:00 their mouth gets dry, they start to sweat, and they like, "I guess better sit up properly and speak in my official video voice." And it's hard to be yourself, because you're so thinking about like, "What am I supposed to look like? How am I supposed to be seating? How am I supposed to be talking? What if I stumble over my words?" That you can't be authentic, when you're worried about so many dumb details. And, I know it's easy to say like, "Just be yourself."

But the reason why, I think it's become easier for me is, whenever we would do like blooper reels, or they would see. Like for example, 5:31 I would show clips of us like before we started filming. And people were like, "That was the best part!" And I'm like, "Oh! That's weird. 'Cause that's when I was just being me."

And when I shot my first infomercial, Turbo Jam, I said it on my mind, just use the stuff like behind the scenes. Use the bloopers. I love to play practical jokes on people like, use all that stuff. Use the footage of us on talking while were rehearsing, so that people don't just know me. I want them to know the cast. I want them to know these aren't fitness models, 6:01 these are like legit my friends.

And that was, I know that's why those first workouts like became a cult classic. It was not because the workouts, it was because of like you got to know who people were.

Sean: Wow! Yeah. That is awesome. What are some of the big blocks do you think? Or maybe the first steps and I've been listening to some of the contents that should be putting around your course, courageous confidence and club. And, what are some of the may be quick hacks 6:30 for confidence of people? Literally they ask a question, they're like, "I'm, how do I build my confidence?" What are may be the first steps you taught people to do?

Chalene: First thing I do is you have to stop calling yourself insecure, even in your own head, and calling yourself shy. Like if you're saying to yourself, "I am socially awkward. And I'm really uncomfortable around people. And people look at me weird. And I don't like going to social sightings because, I know people are looking at me." Those are the conversations you're having in your head. And then you do become socially awkward. And you do become the person who like people are uncomfortable around.

7:01 So, I tried to tell people, and I am introvert. So I like people but not, I don't like big groups. But I'm outgoing. So I tell people who would otherwise consider themselves shy to just pretend that you have to take care of everybody else whose there. Even if it's somebody who seems like super confident. And, you know, they've got this amazing career or success or whatever. Just pretend, that you found out, they are so nervous to meet you. 7:32 They're so nervous to meet you.

And if you think that way then you'll be, you'll naturally have a more relaxed vibe to you because you gonna want them to relax. It's kind of like, we know how to do that with kids. You know someone goes, "Oh! This is my, you know, crazy childhood and this her shy one." Then everyone always like, "Oh! Hi honey." And you know how to like make a child feel comfortable.

So, if you yourself are uncomfortable, flip it. And pretend that the people you are about to meet. 8:01 You have to help them feel more comfortable. And you'll get out of your own head. And you make it less about yourself, and more about them. That's number 1.

Number 2 is you just have to change your body language because your brain will follow your body language. So if you're trying to disappear, if you're trying not to be seen, if you're trying to avoid eye contact so no one talks to you, then your brain is saying, "People don't like me. People are judging me." But if you just kind of like make yourself open.

Yesterday, I was getting on the elevator at my office. 8:30 And, I could sense that there's someone head to come up behind me. And I heard a "Hello! How are you?" And I was like, "Who does that?" I turned around, "Hi!" And there was just a nice, tall, gentleman. And he spoke very broken English. He was like "How are you today?", I'm like "I'm great!" This is so weird, that someone would actually without eye contact tried to engage with me. And I watched him. And I watched other people get on the elevator and each person was like "Hello!" And I could tell, he just made everybody feels so comfortable.

9:00 I wanted to follow him down, because I lived, I live at my work. And like a shared office building. But I thought, "He made me feel good." And I want to make people feel good. So like, be the first person to make eye contact and to say how are you. The more confident you feel in regular life, the more confident you'll be on camera.

And when it comes to being on camera, you need to be, exactly the person you are when the people who adored you, are like "You are hysterical. I love being spending time with you." Because that's what makes people attracted to you. 9:32 It's not your video persona.

Sean: Yeah. That is awesome. Now, one of the questions we get all the time, is about how to use other social media platforms to promote, for our audience, really the main thing that they are trying to build a lot at times, and that's their YouTube Channel. And so, what would you say is your kind of philosophy and approach when it comes to promoting your main thing with social media?

Chalene: Well, my opinion's gonna vary. 9:59 I think a lot of people send their fans or followers on a "goose egg chase". Is that the term? Goose egg hunt? I don't know. But, like so, I watch a video on, this drives me crazy, and I think, if it drives me crazy, it's driving out the people crazy. So, I always look at my own behavior first.

If I want Instagram, I'm on Instagram. I'm not going over YouTube until I'm done on Instagram. So don't ask me to, that's my opinion. And so, when I'm on Facebook, it makes me mad when I'm watching a video I'm like, "Oh cool. It's a recipe". And they started off and their like "For the rest of the recipe, go to YouTube." I'm like 10:30"No! I'm on Facebook."
You shouldn't tease me like that. So, you know, I know that there's a lot of marketers that say you know, "Do this teases" where I'm like "No! I'm here and you just made me mad 'cause I was expecting that."

My personal opinion is, give people where they are what they came for. And then, don't send them some place else other than your website. I'm not gonna tell you, "Hey guys! Check me out. You watch this film on Facebook. Now go check me out on YouTube." And then on the YouTube video I'm saying, 11:00 "Now go check me out on Instagram." And then Instagram will say, "Oh by the way, go check on my website."

Why do I have to go 5 different places. Like, send me to your website. Take me to your mothership.

Sean: I love that. So stay native and built the platform on the platforms. So kind of build a tribe and so maybe would you call them "micro tribes", that may be you might have some people that you only engage with one place. Or when you do you may be crossover.

Chalene: I think that everyone has their kind of like, favorite platforms. And so what I've done in the last year, and this has changed. But I always change based on my own behavior. 11:31 And I started seeing that happening a lot. Like I would go to watch someone's video, and they would say, "For the rest of it.." I'm like , "Come on." I don't want it to be continued. I'm here. And so I wouldn't go see it.

I'm sure it works to some like sent. But I've found that when I started loading videos, organically to Facebook, organically to Instagram, organically to YouTube, that they would do much better. And I'm interacting with the community that's there. And as I'm sure you found. What we work on Facebook is kind of different from what we'll work on YouTube. 12:05 So rather than trying to like, you know fit a square peg into a round hole, I give YouTube what they want. I give Instagram what they want. And I give Facebook the stuff that works there.

Like right now, I have 600,000 I don't know, maybe close to 700,000 followers on Facebook. And they say that your engagement is about you know 6-10% organic reach on Facebook. Well I can get 8 million reach. 12:31 I don't have even a million followers. I can get 8 million reach with the 15 second video on Facebook. Now if I share a link from my YouTube, blip, because Facebook doesn't want anyone to leave.

So, what I will suggest to people that they do is, know what is working in that platform. Pay attention. And just dig into that platform. I don't think you need to be on 5 different platforms. I mean I have a team. So I don't want people to think, "Should I? Does that mean I need to be all these?" No. Dig into one. 13:01 And if that's YouTube, and then dig in. And know it. And study like everything that you're putting out there, like all this inside information, you don't have to observe it. There's people like you who are experts and saying, "We're gonna tell you what's going on and how you can maximize this."

Sean: Very good. Now, specifically though, what are your favorite platforms? If you may be rank them.

Chalene: Well, there all, if that's like saying who's your favorite child? I love both my kids so much. I can tell you which one's like I'm not that into yet. 13:30 Like Twitter is like, it's cool. And Google Plus I don't really, I don't have a presence here yet. I'm just being honest.
I love Pinterest.

But when it comes to video, I love Instagram because I have so many different accounts. So like people think "Oh just Chalene's vibe like a bunch of different accounts and there are all niches. The riches are in the niches. And I also love Instagram because whenever I post a 15-second video, I save it to Dropbox. And then I upload it organically to Facebook. 14:04 But I put like a little canva attachment at the end of it. That ends up being like a call to action for an opt-in or something I'm giving away.

So, I love Instagram for that reason. I love Facebook because video does really for me there. And I love YouTube just because, people tend to watch a longer video. And they want to know really more about who you are. When I'm on Facebook, I feel like, and Instagram, people are like, "Okay. I've got 15 seconds. You better wow me."

Sean: Right. So probably, I mean, it could be different for people watching. 14:30 But definitely, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube could be a heavy 3 that they focus on. And, specifically, I was just listening to a recent Podcast, I believe you've tried Podcast, which is phenomenal. People should listen to it.

But you were talking about some new stuff you're gonna be releasing about Instagram specifically. Now, you have an Instagram academy. So you've already, you know, really dug deep and really whole about that.

Chalene: Yeah. I'm like Intel. I'm like Instagram mafia.

Sean: I love it. So you've already done that. But, you said there's a lot of changes. 15:01 And you also said you're gonna be releasing those soon. I'm hoping that we can get some of those changes first. So for those using Instagram, you know, maybe reverse engineering for they want to build whatever else like you want to do. What are some of the new things? And what is maybe an overall strategy or few quick tips, that they could start getting better results on Instagram?

Chalene: Okay. Well the first thing I think people need to be aware of is hashtags, like that's a big change. So, Instagram recently, used to be, you could put a hashtag on an old photo. And it would show up at the top of the search of someone.

15:32 Like let's say, here's two example. This is so bad, I can't believe I'm gonna admit this. But it was over Christmas. And I saw all this Moms like posting "Elf in a Shelf". And I thought, "This is kind of funny." I wonder if put Elf on a Shelf, I use it hashtag over every photo and every video I've done in the last year. Like, just to be funny. And so I did it. I added that hashtag to like every single video, and every single photo I've done. And then we include elf on a shelf, it was like me. All me. All me.

16:01 But the moms did not think that was funny. It's like 11 o'clock and I, I don't care who you are or who you think you are, but I'm trying to find ideas right now, it's 11 o'clock at night, and I got a feel what I'm gonna do with this elf, and here you are. And I was like, "Oh sorry." So I deleted them 'cause I felt bad for the moms.

Now you use to be able to do that. Now, you're hashtag shows up in that search according to that time that you posted the original video. So if I posted this video, if you're following along, if I posted this video a year ago. 16:30 And I changed out the hashtag today, it will still show up in the date related chronological order.

Sean: Makes sense.

Chalene: So, that's why it's more important than ever to use good hashtags to start with. And so now they're very relevant. I would say this. Don't use overly, like I won't use fitness. I won't use, you know, eat healthy or anything too generic. I wanna see that there's about 2000 or less people using that hashtag. And they’re very specific to 17:01 what I'm looking for.

So for example, I'm looking for someone who is building their business in social media. So where then I go "social media". I'm gonna use, the hashtag of a seminar. Or an online event that people I know are doing like right now. And so there using the hashtag right now, 'cause they're there. And I would like to be seen them.

Sean: Much more niche, much more specific. I love that.

Chalene: Other changes on Instagram are I think just to be aware of, video gets fewer likes on Instagram. But it doesn't mean it's getting lower engagement. 17:31 So if it did I wouldn't use it.

I'm still using video and it comes down to human behavior. So in order to get a video to play, right, we do this. So think about your human behavior. You go like this and you're scrolling through your feed. And then you go, "Oh! That looks kind of interesting." Which we decide base on looking at the thumbnail. So use a good thumbnail. Use a captivating thumbnail. You can't yet create them and upload them yourself yet to Instagram. But I think that's coming, cause that just changed at Facebook. 18:01 Like YouTube.

So, you know were thumbing through, and then we go "Oh! That's an interesting video." Now you have to tap it to get it, to start playing. Then you have to, most people have changed the settings so that music doesn't play automatically. So if you tap it again, you get the musics play. Now, I've tapped it like 4 times. And now I've watched it and you smile and you go "That was cool." But you forget, like I got to tap it again. So it literally like 6 taps almost to get a like.

Sean: Yeah, that is frustrating. I've observed that. Yeah of course.

Chalene: 18:30 It's frustrating but you also should know that doesn't mean people aren't watching and engaging with it. So even though the likes might be lower, I still think it's the powerful medium to use. You can do voice overs on those videos. You can make them from your phone. Their fast. Their fifteen seconds. It forces you to be concise.

And then that footage can be looped. It can be used on your Instagram. It can be on your Facebook or your YouTube. And I just think it's a really powerful way to connect with people.

Sean: Very cool. And what exactly do you go into the academy?

Chalene: Well, Instagram impact everything. 19:03 Like to start with, I want to people to know that when you're looking at someone's Instagram page, their feed, I just. Like a follow feels like, it's a gift. It's kind of like, "Do I really want to follow this person?" You know how it is. You're like, "Do I really have room to follow this person in my life?"

So we make a decision. And we pull at our phones, and we look at the photo or the video that was interesting. And we're like, "Huh. Okay." Who is this person, right? Is that what you do? And then what do you do?

Sean: Absolutely. Then I go to their bio.

Chalene: 19:32 Right. And you're looking at their whole page. So you're probably seeing like two lines, of their last posts. And you look at that and you go "This is person worth to follow?" And if there's a theme, that consists of something were looking for, we're gonna follow.

But, if I went there because I saw this like super cool video of how to braid your hair. And I'm like, "That's cool. I wonder if they have more braiding videos." I go there, and then there's like a picture of your dog. And then the next video is like, you with your arm around someone you went to High School. Like none of that's interesting to me. 20:01 And none of that is hair braiding.

Sean: And then the next one's lunch.

Chalene: Yeah. So it's like, I say, niche out your Instagram like nothing else. Like variety works on YouTube. Variety works on Facebook. It does not work on Instagram. That's why I have multiple accounts for each. Like I have a fashion account. I have business account. I have like a couple of fitness accounts. I have motivation account. They're all separate.

Sean: Wow! Awesome. Well, that sounds very cool. We'll of course post more info about that in the description. And things like that.

Now when it comes to coming up with content. That can be a huge challenge for people. Because nowadays, we're talking about 20:32 Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. People have a blog. They're trying to create Frameums as you describe. All these different things. And it can be overwhelming to try to come up with content.

What are yours, like some of your tips, for keeping things fresh? Keeping things new and coming up with content ideas. Do you have any workflows? And anything that have helped you get fresh content and good content?

Chalene: Yes. Well I say this, first of all, is especially for people who are just starting out. Like, don't get freaked out about all the platforms. 21:02 Like, seriously Youtube. And do them deep. And do the ones that you like. You already like that platform a lot rather than just going there because they're like "Everybody is on Pinterest. We better go." Like hang out and figure out where you like spending time. Because there's plenty of people there to reach.

When it comes to content, I look at like what I'm geeked at about. Like what I'm excited about. And what I've just learned. So anything I've just learned, I can't help but tell everybody. 21:30 So then what I do, is I go to Google. And I searched and type in "How to" whatever the word is. Then I let it populate for me. And I just look at like, "What is everybody else talking about? What do I need? What miss do I need just need to spell perhaps? And how I want to put my own stamp on this?"

So, you know, rather than just go "I wonder if this is interesting to people," you should figure out if it is. And then for me personally, my methodology is I just share what I'm super excited about. And sometimes that might not be what people are asking for. 22:01 You know but it's what I'm excited about. And I think that's part of my happiness.

You know if I give people everybody, everyone what they wanted, I would still be making fitness videos everyday. But I want to give people what they need. You know. So it's a balance.

Sean: And so, what's been your journey, as far as, you mentioned you have a team now. So you have people helping with content. But, what's been may be, when it wasn't as much the case, maybe just some time saving tips or you know batching things together. 22:30 What did you do maybe early on to get it actually generated, you know? Teach yourself the platforms. Like if people are trying to figure out, you know, things like that.

Chalene: A course. To take a course. I would even today. The first hour and half, should two hours of my day is spent learning, every day. So every day I try to learn from an expert. Whether that's a podcast or I'll do an online academy. For me I'm an audible learner. So I like to listen. I'll watch it, but then I want to re-listen to it just on an mp3.

23:00 And that's just, it's such a time-saver. Like one little thing, that you didn't know you could do. And someone shows you how and then you're like "Oh my Gosh! My subscribers went way up." It's just huge.

And then I started investing before I could afford to. Because I couldn't afford not to. And, you know, I just tell people, when you invest in business and personal development, the return is huge. And it's even more exponentially rewarding if you're the kind of person actually implements.

23:32 'Cause somebody would just like stuff to go. If I buy this, hopefully it'll work. Like, if I buy this girl's workout videos, and I don't do them, will I get fit? No. But if you actually implement, you'll have a huge return.

Sean: That's awesome. Now, you coach a lot of students and helped them with marketing with social media, with these different arenas. And you also look to what they're doing. What's the biggest mistakes you've seen in content? You're like, "Okay. These are it. Stop doing this."

Chalene: Yeah. Impersonating. Like they're impersonating someone else. 24:01 Like, be the person you are when your friends are all hanging out, and then they're like "You're so funny." You know, or whatever. Or just the person that people are attracted to, that's who you need to be. And don't try to impersonate other people. Do you. Be you times two. Don't be afraid to be real. That's number 1,2,3, and 4.

And then next I would say, you got to use good audio. I mean that was my big mistake. Good audio. And for women, this is legit. 24:31 Like it's not the same for dudes. Sorry, but it is for women. You need good lighting. I hope this is good lighting. If it's not you're dead. But, you need good lighting because chicks check out chicks. Like we do, we're like, "Hmmm. I can't listen to her. She's got bags under her eyes." It's like weird. We, before we'll accept the message we want to like go "hmmm," and we check each other out. So use good lighting. You don't have to be like perfect. You don't. But like be well-lit.

And then you've got to use good audio. Because people will tolerate poor video quality. 25:01 But they generally turned off by poor audio.

Sean: Very good tips. Now, people are creating content. They're watching video influencers because they want to learn how to break into build their influence in specific platforms. And some of our audiences doing things like beauty videos, fashion videos, or they want to be YouTubers. So they're content creators on YouTube.

But, inevitably, those niches are pretty competitive. So, there's a lot of people in that, you know, there are other people making revealing the same products. 25:31 Creating similar videos. And you have this huge background in fitness also a competitive arena. Lots of content creators and people doing different things.

What are may be, what's been some of your secrets to breakthrough? May be generally, but also in content, right? So, if you're doing fitness videos, and thousand other people, and million other people are, how do you stand out?

Chalene: Here's my tip, is to take what someone is doing outside of YouTube that you're like, "That is super cool." And incorporate it into YouTube. So in other words, you look at your own niche, 26:02 and everybody's kind of doing the same thing. And then you look at another niche, or maybe it's a TV show. Or maybe it's a comedy show. Or maybe it's another form of social media. And they're like, "That was super captivating and cool. I'm gonna incorporate that.

So, for me when it comes to fitness, I think to my knowledge, I'm one of the very first consumer videos where we use popular music, number one. Number two, we use so real. And we interviewed everybody who is in the cast. 26:30 And you saw it behind the scenes. And you saw bloopers.

But that wasn't something I came up with. I saw that in other forms. Like I love seeing that in TV shows. And I loved getting to know people like when I watch documentary, so I'm like, "I want to this to kind of docu style. Even though it's a fitness video." And it works.

So, just look at what you like in other arenas and go like, "I wonder how I could incorporate that." Like whatever it is. Like maybe it's filming from your car, or who knows. But, they're something you're watching in another arena that you're like, 27:00 you can stick that into YouTube, and stand out.

Sean: Yeah. Very very cool. That's a weird place to go in this interview.

Chalene: Did your head go someplace?

Sean: Well, it went somewhere I'm reading a book by James Altucher, and he talks.

Chalene: He's so awesome.

Sean: He's cool huh. And then his wife, I believe, wrote a book called "The Idea Machine" as an extension. And they used a term and this works weird place to go, but it's called "Idea Sex".

And so, it's about` getting a lot of ideas. But it's idea that if you put two together, and is that kind of what you're saying? Where they say, "If you have this lists of ideas here, 27:30 this lists of ideas here, well you put them together and they made a baby." And that's just you know came up with something. That was weird. Was that weird?

Chalene: You still cut off your PG. Family Show. Yeah, but that's how his brain works too. And I love creative ideas. And I love that's like, "I don't know if this is gonna work, but let's try it."

You know. Like this year we did a launch. And we decided to just kind of totally different like, "Let's do a webinar launch." 'Cause they like webinars. And it was our most successful launch today. 28:01 And it was so much less stress.


Sean: Okay. Here we go. Lightning round. 3, 2, 1. Talking or texting?

Chalene: Texting. I don't even got time to talk.

Sean: No doubt. Okay. Person you most trust with a secret?

Chalene: My husband. No I just say it, I don't trust him. I have to kick him whenever I tell him a secret. That would be, my friend, Monica.

Sean: Awesome. Last thing you've grabbed out of the fridge?

Chalene: An energy drink.

Sean: Last song you had on repeat on your Ipod or Iphone?

Chalene: 28:31 PYT. Michael Jackson.

Sean: Boom. Favorite place in the whole world.

Chalene: Home. Home with my kids.

Sean: Favorite nickname for yourself?

Chalene: Beanie. That's what my dad calls me.

Sean: NYC or LA?

Chalene: Oh, NYC. Totally. Yes, love the energy.

Sean: Cat or dog?

Chalene: Dog.

Sean: I feel you there. Pound it. Biggest pet peeve

Chalene: Teenagers that have no facial expressions. This is what I pet peeve right now, cause I have teenagers. And they will always have this face. 29:02 How was school? Good. Are you happy? Yeah. Well then change your face.

Sean: Okay. Favorite Holiday.

Chalene: Christmas.

Sean: Mine too. Okay. The go-to comfort food for you.

Chalene: Go to comfort food? This is weird. The popcorn. Like you know, they're not even unhealthy popcorn, like the natural popcorn. But like, that's like my at night "Okay. Unwind and have some popcorn." 29:31 That's boring though, huh.

Sean: Very good. No, it's yeah. It's not the most exciting still.

Chalene: Sorry. I've got something better.

Sean: Best book you've read recently.

Chalene: Oh recently. "Essentialism" by McEwan, Greg McEwan. Awesome book.

Sean: Awesome. Good lightning round.

Now one thing that is amazing about you is that over the years, you've really personified change and adaptability. You've been able to kind of, if you would say reinvent your brand or update it, 30:00 and stayed current. Stayed yourself, but stayed current with trends.

What are some of your secrets to, you know, not getting stuck in what worked yesterday? Do you see people doing that?

Chalene: Totally. I would say that I haven't reinvented myself. I have boldly and courageously changed to honor what's right for me. So even though I was at the peak of success when my husband and I owned a certification company. 30:31 Were doing fitness infomercials, but it was, it didn't feel right. And we were to stressed out. We were, I just, I wasn't myself. And so I just knew like I have to set ego aside, and money aside, and all those things and I just. I needed just assemble that. And do what's right.

So my only guiding principle is to do what's right for me, right now. What's right for me, and what's right for my family. And I don't worry about too many other people outside of that small circle. 31:00 And that has served me. And my faith is the guiding principle that allows me to do that. And I think I'm just rewarded, you know, I'm blessed I guess you could say.

When I do that. Even when it's scary when people like "You're gonna say no to what?" and I'm like, "Cause, it doesn't honor my family. It doesn't allow me to live the life I want to live."

Sean: Very good. And you were mentioning about your first hour and half of your day, as being a learning time. I've heard it's said that lifelong leaders are lifelong learners. 31:31 What other, you know, maybe hacks or things that you prioritize not just on a daily, but may be monthly or annual schedule, to stay current? To stay updated? To keep learning? To stay ahead?

Chalene: Yeah. Okay. So I've got some hard core rules. Number 1 is I'm gonna go to two events a year. Two events where the right kind of people are there. And by that, I mean people who make me a little uncomfortable because they're killing it. And so I force myself, because I'm an introvert. I like to stay at home. 32:00 But I force myself to do two live events a year. I also make sure that I budget, not just the money, but the time to learn and execute from two other online academies.

So I will literally calendar the learning time and I'll calendar the execution time. And when I say calendar, I mean nothing else goes there. I'm not filming during those times. I'm giving a return on my investment. So that if I'm learning it, I actually have time to implement it.

Sean: Wow.

Chalene: And then lastly I would say that when you hear successful people say the same things over and over and over again, 32:32 you can't deny it. And some of those principles include waking up early even if you're not a morning person. Spending some time in the morning in prayer or devotion or meditation, whatever your beliefs are. And then using your morning to strategize the rest of your day. Such time saver.

Sean: Awesome. Now, what are the projects that you have going on? What's happening with you? Specifically coming up. Or what should people know about?

Chalene: Well, I'm really excited about this thing where I devoted myself 33:01 to this year which is helping people overcome self-doubt and getting courage. So that's the Courageous Confidence Club, CCC,

I'm proud of that. And I'm really proud of just right now being able to pull back. And be able to enjoy my son's senior year in high school. And be a mom. And I'm just gonna keep getting better at saying No. So that when I do say, it feels right.

Sean: That is awesome. And where can people connect with you? 33:31 And so of course we'll post everything that you're doing and any kind of bonus information in the YouTube description, and the blog post, but you know the broad strokes.

Chalene: I'd say the ultimate way. Yeah, I'd say obviously the website. But I think if you just want more information about building the business, and having a balanced life, it's my PodCasts shows. So I've got Build your Tribe, which is for people who are building a business. And the Chalene Show, which is everything related to life.

Sean: Fantastic. 34:00 And lastly, what is your final parting thought to help people build their influence?

Chalene: Don't be afraid. Just get it out there so you can fix it later. And then, set yourself up so that you don't have to. Like if you're worried about people judging you, then turn off the comments. Like if you do whatever you need to so that you feel good about getting your bearing. And getting some experience and a few notches on your belt. Because every single time you do it, you'll get better.

Sean: Love it. Thank you so much Chalene. Thanks for being on the show. High five. 34:31 Pound it.

Video Influencers. Helping you build your influence and income with online video and YouTube. Take care. Appreciate you. Keep crushing it.


Chalene: Are we rolling? So I hope you guys really enjoyed that. Please be sure to leave a comment and don't forget to subscribe hashtag duh. This is where you get all the best information about how to influence people on video.

And by the way, they do the super cool thing over there at, N-E-T, 35:01 which is super helpful to anyone who is trying to make an impact with your message. And that is giving you the tips, the things that people aren't telling you. You need to do with your videos in order to have them show up when someone's doing a search.

This is how you gonna get more subscribers, more people liking your videos. So by the way, don't forget to leave a like on this video as well as a comment and let us know what you thought. Because this is the place to be if you're trying to influence people on video.

Sean: 35:34 Just an average day on the Video Influencers.

Chalene: Oh my. This is the real deal.

Sean: This is what it is. We're very good in stabilization. Looks about as good as a DSLR. Can still kind of fit in your pocket.

Chalene: Fits in your purse, which you don't carry but I do.

Sean: Yeah, I don't. I actually have a murse though, I used. It's kind of like a little satchel. It's like Tom Ford or something like that. Is that weird?


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