Black Friday Video Editing Software Deals and How To Start Your YouTube Career

PowerDirector Black Friday
It's not who you know... It's who knows you!

Yup! The internet famous probably doesn't know who you are but you know about them.


Because they've been publishing videos for a while which gave them leverage to gain micro and macro fame on YouTube, Facebook, Vine or Instagram.

But fame by itself is pretty shallow and empty, right?

Well, yeah but if you follow your passion and do what you love, fame and money become a byproduct of your art. That's the beauty of pursuing a career where passion is the main ingredient. It creates a virtuous cycle where you feel like playing and you get paid for it.

I started with GoPro action sports videos and then I was able to do videos for clients. It naturally evolved into that. I also got outdoor gear from sponsors - they wanted me to review their items on YouTube. Pretty cool, huh?

It happened because I took the chance and published my first video. Then my second video. I built on it. I improved. I perfect my craft. And it was all fun because I love videography and telling stories.

You can start doing vlogs for fun and later you can become the spokesperson of a make-up company. Or you can hit a virality streak with you content and then get invited to all sorts of events.

What I am saying here is if you want to get (fame, money, access to cool products, etc) you need to give first. Give us your humor, your personality, your wit, your stories. But if you do it, you might as well do it right, using the proper video gear and software

So take advantage of this period and grab your black Friday deals.

Camera - check! Software - check! Capture card - check!

You have no excuse! And remember - you can't have success unless you do it. So start now and grab your fame and glory - it's the video gold-rush of the internet.

Black Friday Software Deals

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