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Online Video Editing Software
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As opposed to the best Windows video editing software, online video editors are not dependent on your operating system. So you can edit on a Mac, a PC, a tablet (Android or iPad) or even a Chromebook (a cheap laptop designed mostly for web surfing).

However you need a good internet connection to upload your files to the cloud but once that's done you can edit at your convenience - there's no need for lots of RAM or processing power on your machine. It all happens online - the service provides all the tools and effects you need.

Here are the top 10 online video editing software systems in ranking order - these are easy to use, have great templates and effects and are feature rich. You can choose from any of them for your personal editing needs and they also work well for putting raw footage together for professionals.

1. Wideo

Excellent Rating for This Software
The most popular site for creating standard videos, animations and Common Craft-style of productions, this system uses the standard drag-and-drop mechanics that you find in many other editing systems. Plus, you can create animations within the program.

Perfect for the beginner in video editing who wants to create family videos (sharing memories) but also aimed at marketing professionals who want to create business presentations for their clients, bosses or coworkers. As we've talked before, video marketing is a big thing these days (who has time to read, right?) and this online video editor makes it easy for you to get started into producing and sharing your videos.

One great advantage of Wideo is that you can use many different elements again and again to create a video project. Plus, you are not limited to the stock elements that you want to use in your editing which makes this a very versatile system. There is no charge to upload your own video, images and audio to create your own projects.

It comes with templates and presets so you don't have to struggle your way into being creative - once you add your own footage, screen capture or images, you basically get an original piece which would have taken you many hours to create with a standard editing program.

2. Animoto

Excellent Rating for This Software
Perfect for the photographer who wants to combine his/her best shots into a great slideshow presentation or animation. But not just that - the software also works with footage. Coz any DSLR owner knows he/she can also shoot great video with those cameras - Animoto is basically for the passionate photographer and videographer who doesn't want to install extra software on their computer.

Think about this, if you only give to your customers printed photos, you're like all the other photographers. But if you give them a slick video, not only you will impress them but you can also charge more for your professional services. And this software makes you look professional by giving you pro results with just a few clicks.

It has won tons of awards so you might as well get it so you start impressing your clients (not to mention your peers as well).

3. WeVideo

Good Rating for This Software
This particular system is a shared one for online use which means that you can have several people working on the project at the same time. If you divide up the different aspects of putting together the video, you can have a lot of fun with your friends and co-workers when it comes to creating a collaborative environment for your projects.

In addition, you do not have to complete your project right away and can save in its current state thanks to the WeVideo Google drive. So, you can keep working on your project without having to download it to your computer. Plus, you can use the Android app that will let you capture raw footage from your mobile device which makes using this particular editor even easier.

4. PowToon

Good Rating for This Software
Designed for those who are creating explanatory or instructional videos, PowToon helps guide you through what seems to be paper cut-outs that overlay onto very bright, colorful backgrounds. In this digital world created by PowToon, you can drag and drop your video clips with ease much as you would a common craft project at home.

In addition, you can select one of the many drawings of people and objects that are part of the PowToon platform and then arrange them on the background however you want. This is a great way to practice editing using this system. Plus, you can use the people and objects in your video as you desire. This is one of the simplest and best web video editing software that you can find online. However, you only get to create projects no longer than 45 seconds unless you decide to purchase the full version.

5. Magisto

Good Rating for This Software
This is a remarkable app that has proven to be quite popular for all the right reasons. This is because you can turn your footage into an exceptionally beautiful movie thanks to the many features available on the user-friendly platform. For a seemingly simple software system, the Magisto does come with several abilities that will help you create the type of video that you really want.

6. Weavly

Good Rating for This Software
If you love to create and edit videos, then this is your place as Weavly is certainly one of those great online video editing software available. You get a very simple drag-and-drop system that is simple for beginners to understand and you can mix, trim and combine tracks as much as you want all while staying on the Weavly site.

One aspect that really makes this online editing program great is that you can pull together clips from many different sources such as YouTube, GIFs, SoundCloud, Loopcam, Tumblr animations and more. It is the flexibility to create online videos that stretch the imagination thanks to the open platform that makes this particular editing system so good.

7. Kaltura

Good Rating for This Software
One of the more popular online video editors for the simple reason that Kaltura was the first online video platform that was open sourced. This allows professionals and those starting out with video editing the ability to create beautiful, clean online videos that work for many different occasions. Kaltura manages to bring together professionals looking for a quick, powerful online platform to get some editing accomplished while being easy enough for beginners to learn at a very fast rate.

However, it may be the support services that make Kaltura one of the most human online video editor platforms that you can find. If you need help, Katura’s staff is right there to ensure that you get the assistance needed. With an open source community supported system that is free, you can get the help needed for editing, publishing, syndication, management and even the monetization of your work.


Good Rating for This Software
One of the simplest online video editing programs, MIXMOOV is designed to help beginners understand the basics of video editing and compete their projects in a short amount of time. Complete with a clearly labeled video editing toolbox, you can customize your video to your heart’s content and create something new and interesting time and time again.

Essentially, MIXMOOV is a blank slate that allows you to place what you want so that it can be customized to your enjoyment. You can make basic transitions along with cuts, text, and even add video and sound effects. The system itself has been recognized for its overall quality and substantial features which make it a great web video editing software system.

9. Shotclip

Good Rating for This Software
For those who are just starting out when it comes to video editing, Shotclip is a cool option to check out. The system is broken down in a simple, three-step process that will allow most anyone to create an exceptional video product.

The heart of this editing system is the template guide that helps break down the video for you in a manner that makes it easy to understand what to do next. By having it explained clip by clip, you can arrange the shots that you want to use to create your story.

While Shotclip may not be for the professional editors, anyone who is just getting started will find the system very easy to learn.

10. Video Toolbox

Good Rating for This Software
This is a free online editing platform that also provides valuable information about the bit and frame rate, resolution and codec. This is valuable information that you can use in putting together new video clips which will help in the editing process. Plus, you can convert video files into whatever appropriate video format that you need to complete your particular project. Unfortunately it can only handle about 600MB of information which means that your project will be a relatively short one.

11. YouTube Video Editor (I know, I said top 10... take this as a bonus)

Good Rating for This Software
One of the easiest and most accessible systems, this is considered by many to be one of the best free online video editor programs available. Created by Pixorial, this is a very user-friendly system that lays out all the editing tools that you need to create a simple, professional product from the video clips you upload or pull together from other sources.

Arguably the best part of the system is the user interface which is very intuitive and so simple that even those who are just starting out in editing can quickly figure out what to do. This system also has a mobile app for Android or iOS so you can use this program on your mobile device.


Whether you edit video professionally for a living or simply want to put together some clips of your vacation, having the right editing software is vital to achieving your goals. The good news is that there are plenty of editing programs of exceptional quality that do not require you to spend a dime. In fact, some of the software comes with other popular programs which make them a powerful addition to your editing efforts.

For professionals, having quick access to a simple, efficient editing program is great for putting together video on the fly and storing it for late access. For everyone else, a free online video editing program that works well is more than good enough to edit and send to YouTube or other platforms. All you really need is a decent computer and a good internet connection and you are ready to edit video to your hearts’ content. The beauty of such a system is that you do not have to download any software to your computer which means that no space is taken up by the program itself.

What you will need to look for are online editing systems that offer a clean interface, good editing features so that you can put together video, music, text and effects in a professional manner. Plus, the better online editing systems will offer features such as zoom, cut, trim, split and more so that you can bring your vision to life.

Overall, choosing the best web video editing software is a decision made easier when you select from one of the ten choices that are presented. The best news is that these programs have a free trial option or are simply free platforms which mean that you can do a professional editing job without having to pay a dime.

From my experience though, free and reliable don't go well together so if your reputation and image are at stake, go with a paid option where you can also enjoy customer support if you need it.

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