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It's not who you know... It's who knows you!

Yup! The internet famous probably doesn't know who you are but you know about them.


Best Screen Capture Software - Top 5 Programs

Video Capture Software
Whether you're a trainer and want to make presentations for your audience or you you simply want to create a video tutorial showing how you use a certain program, there are five powerhouse names when it comes to screen recording software:

The Best Vlogging Cameras for YouTube - Top 5

Top 5 Vlogging Cameras for YouTube - Quick Comparison Review
1. Sony CyberShot DSC-WX80 2. Canon Powershot S1003. Nikon Coolpix S69004. Canon 70D DSLR Camera5. Design Camera Blackmagic
Excellent Rating for This Camera Excellent Rating for This Vlogging Camera Excellent Rating for This Camera Excellent Rating for This CameraExcellent Rating for This Camera
There is no doubt that the combination of YouTube and the development of inexpensive, high production value cameras and camcorders have revolutionized how people view videos and their purpose. Today, there are millions of people who post videos to YouTube and many have their own channels where they host their own programs.

Top 5 Stock Footage Websites - Where To Buy Quality Footage for Your Videos

When it comes to filling out a video, be it a commercial, educational short, instructional, political or even personal, stock footage is one of the most popular means of accomplishing the task.

Stock video has been a part of the film industry for well over a century and has been used in all types of film and video productions.

Stock footage is used in a wide variety of situations that run the gamut from simple transition shots to background plates for driving scenes to creating an entire world from the past.

Do You Want To Be At Least Micro-Famous on YouTube? [CyberLink PowerDirector 14 Launch & Coupon]

PowerDirector 14 Review
Many artists, musicians for instance, say that what they thought would be their best selling song turnout out not to be... Pretty interesting, right?

So what does this have to do with YouTube, Facebook or Instgram video?

Well, while you may believe that others have what it takes to become a famous video internet celebrity, you can't know for sure whether you have what it takes or not unless you try.

How To Build Your Online Influence With Video - Chalene Johnson Interview [Video]

The future is video.

Whatever you do, if you want to touch people in a personal way (not in a weird way, mind you!) video is the best medium. It's all over the internet and the hottest new social media platforms are all about video (Snapchat, Persicope, even Facebook and Instagram).

The job of the future will be highly powered by video coz that job is being a teacher or mentor who gives inspiration. So if you're looking to build an online brand with video (youtuber or not), check this out:

Learn from the best.

Enter Chalene Johnson interviewed by Sean from Video Influencers.

Why You Want To Be Famous on YouTube - The Psychology Behind Fame and Status

Being YouTube Famous
According to evolutionary psychologist David Buss fame and status are a big deal.


Because with status you get a lot of extra perks:

Top 10 Programs in 2015 and How To Become Famous On YouTube
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