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Video Editing in PowerDirector - Productivity Tips [Video]

I had my friend looking over my shoulder as I was doing some computer work a while ago. I was working with a graphics program.

As he was watching, we was amazed by how inefficient I was. From his perspective, everything I was doing took more time than it was necessary. The reason? I had no clue about shortcut keys and I didn't know all the functions of the program.

Keyframing in CyberLink PowerDirector [Video]

Keyframing in PowerDirector
If you ask me, I'd say that keyframing and alpha masks are the holy grail of video editing.

Once you master these two features in your video editing program (PowerDirector) you have unlimited creative options to explore.

Okay. Let's define keyframing:

How To Make a Tilt Shift Movie in CyberLink PowerDirector [Video]

Tilt Shift Video in PowerDirector - The Best Video Editing Software
Tilt shift videos also known as miniature effect videos can be done either with a tilt shift lens of with your editing software - PowerDirector.

But since a tilt shift lens is pretty expensive and has very little practical value if you don't use it very much - and how many tilt shift videos do you make? really? - we're gonna use the software and get the tilt shift effect in post production.

How To Do a Travel Route Animation in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus [Video]

This is a rather hidden feature in Magix Edit Pro Plus but it can spice up your videos for sure. For instance, if you shot a vacation video, this is the perfect tool for showing the route your traveled.

Please note that you need an internet connection in order for the software to pull the map (from Google Maps).

How To Clone Yourself in Video with Magix Video ProX and Magix Edit Pro Plus [Video]

Clone Effect in Video with Magix
I'm gonna show you how to clone yourself within a video. But before we get into that you should familiarize yourself with a few other concepts used in video editing.

Split Screen Tutorial with Magix Pro X and Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus [Video]

split screen - flip and mirror video
Here's something people want to do a lot: split screen. Quite useful for editing interviews or vlogs.

It's a combination of video cropping and picture in picture. In Magix, you first crop the video, then you rearrange it with Size and Position within Movement Effects.

How To Blur Faces in Video with Magix ProX and Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus [Video]

How To Blur Faces in Video
If for some reason you want to blur (censor) the faces in your video, here's how to do it in Magix.

You need a white image (preferably a circle or an oval) for this technique - that will be your alpha mask.
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