How To Edit with Chromakey (Green Screen) in Magix Edit Pro Plus & Magix Pro X [Video]

Constantin Gabor - Green Screen Editing
Go fancy! Knock yourself out. Seriously. Use a green screen and add whatever background you want to your shot.

The news uses it, Hollywood uses it so why not use it yourself in your vlogs? This is how you can do it in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus or Magix Pro X.

Adding Titles + Keyframe Animation in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus / Magix Pro X [Video]

Titles in Video Editing - Cliff Jumping
Adding fancy titles is not something that I do. But what I do is I animate the titles myself (without using presets).

So while you may add cool title effects using the options within Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus or Magix Pro X, I think you should be able to use keyframes to really push things further with your video editing.

70% Off for CyberLink PowerDirector (Dec 2014) + FREE Copy of DIY Steadicam Course

PowerDirector Holiday Sale
DIY Steadicam Ebook by Constantin Gabor
I have a deal for you and it's a good one (if I say so myself).

CyberLink has dramatically lowered their price for their flagship best video editing program - PowerDirector. On top of that I'm giving you a free copy of my DIY Steadicam Guide (worth $40). This guide will show you how to shoot smooth videos just like this one:

Why Facebook is Better than YouTube (read this if you publish videos regularly)

Facebook video views vs YouTube video views
Or why I might ditch YouTube altogether. But not yet...

The short answer: you get more views on Facebook than anywhere else (they now show view count for videos).

Think about this:

Acronis Backup and Data Recovery Software Review or How To Not Loose Your Video Projects

Acronis True Image Data Recovery and Back Up Software
Imagine this:

You download tons of footage onto your computer. You start editing a serious project. Well, maybe it's not so serious but you care about it. Perhaps it's a vlog you wanted to publish for a long time.

How To Capture Sound + Audio Synchronization for Vlogging [Video]

Sound Audio Sync in Video Editing Software
Remember my first tip for vlogging?

This post is a continuation of that. Namely, capturing good sound and synchronizing it with the sound from your camera. Audio being the core of your vlog, you have to get it right.

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