How To Clone Yourself in Video with Magix Video ProX and Magix Edit Pro Plus [Video]

Clone Effect in Video with Magix
I'm gonna show you how to clone yourself within a video. But before we get into that you should familiarize yourself with a few other concepts used in video editing.

Split Screen Tutorial with Magix Pro X and Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus [Video]

split screen - flip and mirror video
Here's something people want to do a lot: split screen. Quite useful for editing interviews or vlogs.

It's a combination of video cropping and picture in picture. In Magix, you first crop the video, then you rearrange it with Size and Position within Movement Effects.

How To Blur Faces in Video with Magix ProX and Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus [Video]

How To Blur Faces in Video
If for some reason you want to blur (censor) the faces in your video, here's how to do it in Magix.

You need a white image (preferably a circle or an oval) for this technique - that will be your alpha mask.

Download Sound Effects for Your YouTube Videos

Download Sound Effects for Videos
I want this to be a resource for all of us who edit videos. That's why I'm listing below the most usual sound effects I use in my vids. Check out my sources for royalty free music as well.

These are hosted on my public Dropbox folder so all you have to do to download your sounds is right click on each of them and use Save link as... option. If for some reason the download links don't work, leave a comment or drop an email.

How To Keep Your YouTube Subcribers Glued to The Screen - Hook Them with Good Music

Music for Videos
This is gonna be short and to the point.

No matter what kind of videos you edit, a good sound design with cool music tracks helps a lot!

Now, if you're a vlogger, there's not much music to be heard in your vids and I get it. But let me tell you this: you can get away with an average edit but still make a good impression because of the music.

Wondershare Video Converter Pro Giveaway

Wondershare Converter Pro Giveaway
Update: This giveaway has reached its deadline. Thanks for checking it out.
Here's the deal:

Wondershare - the software company which makes one of the best video converters (both for Mac and PC), is doing a cool giveaway for their flagship program: Wondershare Converter Pro.

If you enter your name and email address, you'll get a free lifetime activation code (serial number) for your Pro video converter.

How To Do The Trail Effect in PowerDirector [Video]

The Trail Effect in Video Editing Software
This is a cool effect shown to us by the charismatic Maliek Whitaker who runs a YouTube channel where you can find tons of tutorials on video editing.

He uses PowerDirector for this particular example.

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