Acronis Backup and Data Recovery Software Review or How To Not Loose Your Video Projects

Acronis True Image Data Recovery and Back Up Software
Imagine this:

You download tons of footage onto your computer. You start editing a serious project. Well, maybe it's not so serious but you care about it. Perhaps it's a vlog you wanted to publish for a long time.

How To Capture Sound + Audio Synchronization for Vlogging [Video]

Sound Audio Sync in Video Editing Software
Remember my first tip for vlogging?

This post is a continuation of that. Namely, capturing good sound and synchronizing it with the sound from your camera. Audio being the core of your vlog, you have to get it right.

Video Editing Software Review - Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus

Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus
I was desperate for a program that would import those GoPro MP4 files. It was January 2010.

I tried Pinnacle, I tried VirtualDub, I tried MPEG Streamclip, I tried Ulead, I tried Sony Vegas (wouldn't run on my old laptop), I tried Adobe Premiere (same thing - it required more hardware resources to run well) but none did it for me.

How To Vlog - 5 Quick Tips for Your Vlogging Career

Constantin Gabor Vlogger on Beach in Bulgaria
I plugged the microphone into the Canon 5D Mark II camera and I started to talk about a very spicy subject: Why You Should Withhold Ejaculation During Sex.

And I keep talking for about 10 minutes, we call it a wrap and then we play the video on the camera to see how it looks.

Surprise!!! There was no sound. WTF?!

Video Editing in PowerDirector - Productivity Tips [Video]

I had my friend looking over my shoulder as I was doing some computer work a while ago. I was working with a graphics program.

As he was watching, he was amazed by how inefficient I was. From his perspective, everything I was doing took more time than it was necessary. The reason? I had no clue about shortcut keys and I didn't know all the functions of the program.

Keyframing in CyberLink PowerDirector [Video]

Keyframing in PowerDirector
If you ask me, I'd say that keyframing and alpha masks are the holy grail of video editing.

Once you master these two features in your video editing program (PowerDirector) you have unlimited creative options to explore.

Okay. Let's define keyframing:

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